What can I become? The ability to think of options is a super skill for the future

Marjaana Toiminen

I still remember the day I heard about a forty-year-old woman's plan to change direction. She was a medical researcher, working for a successful company in the US. She had decided to move back to Finland and start studying. She wanted to devote herself to literature and planned to study translation. Translation studies, I remember thinking, completely nuts.

Employment was unexpectedly terminated during a probationary period - Unfounded termination led to compensation claims

Lakikaveri, example case

The employee's contract was terminated unexpectedly on the last day of their probationary period. The employer was unable to give proper reasons for the termination. With the help of a lawyer, the matter was quickly resolved and the employee received compensation.

Employee returning from parental leave was illegally dismissed – received a hefty compensation

Lakikaveri, example case

An employee who had returned from parental leave was dismissed shortly after their return to work through change negotiations, even though the employee would have been entitled to the new position established in the organisation. The case was settled quickly with the help of Lakikaveri.

Lakikaveri logo, this is how lakikaveri helped

Dismissal was proven to be unjustified – Mediation was successfully achieved through Lakikaveri

Lakikaveri, example case

Unfounded dismissals and fabricated allegations of sexual harassment were settled quickly with the help of YTK Worklife's Lakikaveri legal service. The employer had to pay 30,000 euros in damages.

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Our lawyer noticed that the employer had not paid wage supplements correctly – a considerable amount was settled

Lakikaveri, example case

The employee asked Lakikaveri for help with missing wages, at which point it was found out that in reality, the employer had failed to pay more than ten times the amount. The case was settled quickly.

How Lakikaveri helped

An employment contract can be the most important document in your life - always do it in writing!

Elina Andersson-Finne, viestintäpäällikkö

"The biggest stumbling block in employment relationships is that the employment contract is not made in writing. Especially in certain sectors, there is still a culture of verbal agreement," says Janika Räty, a Lakikaveri legal service lawyer . In her work, she helps the members of YTK Worklife with ambiguities in their employment relationships.

Striving for a beginner's mind

Ilona Kangas, toiminnanjohtaja

We simply cannot succeed in our careers if we are not able to look at things from a new perspective from time to time. “The future forces us to become beginners” noted futurist Perttu Pölönen at the 4T Summit event. Cultivating a beginner’s mind is easier for some than for others. One excellent example of a beginner’s mind is the show Dancing with the Stars, which is currently aired on TV. What lessons can we draw from for our career?

Tanssii tähtien kanssa MTV3-kanavalla ja MTV Katsomossa sunnuntaisin klo 19.30. Kuva: MTV / Onni Ojala

Learn new things by finding meaning and joy, for your own sake and for the world

Mirva Puranen, Development Manager, Employment Services

Continuous learning, or lifelong learning, has become a career mantra over the last few years. When you take a look at how fast the world is changing and how people are trying to navigate it, it is easy to understand why. Fortunately, many people are already aware of the constant need to acquire new skills. Keep reading if you need tips on learning and clarifying what things matter the most to you!

woman looking at a map by the sea

How would you like to develop your skills next, Janni Hussi?

Janni Hussi became known as a fitness model and a social media influencer in the world of sports. She is currently hosting a morning radio show and starring in a TV series. Her most recent excursion is into the dubbing of an animated film. What does the energetic physical activity advisor think about learning new skills and developing competencies?

janni hussi

Dismissals and unpaid wages particular causes of disputes at workplaces

Elina Andersson-Finne, communications manager

Dismissals and unpaid wages cause the most disputes between employers and employees, as evidenced by statistics by YTK Association’s Lakikaveri legal service. Employees are more aware of their rights than before, which is reflected in a lower threshold to address injustices, estimates Hillevi Kontturi-Karvinen, legal counsel for the Association’s members.

Social media harassment is common, but often difficult to identify

Elina Andersson-Finne, communications manager

Dissing, bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, hate speech and targeting. Did you know that more than 40% of adults have experienced harassment on social media? Publicly commenting is just the tip of the iceberg of this widespread phenomenon.

Suvi Uski

Thousands took up our challenge to build better professional well-being

Mirva Puranen, Development Manager, Employment Services

As important as it is to provide support in the twists and turns of working life, professional development and job hunting, everything depends on the well-being and coping of the individual.

young woman stretching outside

Could a substitutes' bench exist in working life?

Exhaustion and burnout are already tormenting people in their 30s. The phenomenon is highlighted, for example, in the field of e-Sports, where many exit the gaming world under the age of 30. KOVA, a Finnish e-Sports operator, aims to change the stressful culture with the help of reserve players. Could this be applied in other areas, as well?

Men surrounded by computers

What can we learn from e-athletes and their professional well-being?

The workday of an e-athlete is more like that of an office worker than an athlete. However, research shows that competitive gamers exercise more and eat healthier than the average population. They also need to be able to optimise their work ability for important games. What can we learn from them?

sim racing esports

How is your professional well-being, Joni Jaakkola?

We interviewed gym entrepreneur, wellness coach, lecturer and author Joni Jaakkola from Optimal Performance to find out what this wellness industry powerhouse thinks about his own professional well-being at the moment. Joni coaches different kinds of people, from beginners to competitive athletes and work communities. What insights, challenges and tips does Joni have for us? Read more!

Joni Jaakkola sitting on stairs

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