Social media harassment is common, but often difficult to identify

Elina Andersson-Finne, communications manager

Dissing, bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, hate speech and targeting. Did you know that more than 40% of adults have experienced harassment on social media? Publicly commenting is just the tip of the iceberg of this widespread phenomenon.

Suvi Uski

Thousands took up our challenge to build better professional well-being

Mirva Puranen, Development Manager, Employment Services

As important as it is to provide support in the twists and turns of working life, professional development and job hunting, everything depends on the well-being and coping of the individual.

young woman stretching outside

Could a substitutes' bench exist in working life?

Exhaustion and burnout are already tormenting people in their 30s. The phenomenon is highlighted, for example, in the field of e-Sports, where many exit the gaming world under the age of 30. KOVA, a Finnish e-Sports operator, aims to change the stressful culture with the help of reserve players. Could this be applied in other areas, as well?

Men surrounded by computers

What can we learn from e-athletes and their professional well-being?

The workday of an e-athlete is more like that of an office worker than an athlete. However, research shows that competitive gamers exercise more and eat healthier than the average population. They also need to be able to optimise their work ability for important games. What can we learn from them?

sim racing esports

How is your professional well-being, Joni Jaakkola?

We interviewed gym entrepreneur, wellness coach, lecturer and author Joni Jaakkola from Optimal Performance to find out what this wellness industry powerhouse thinks about his own professional well-being at the moment. Joni coaches different kinds of people, from beginners to competitive athletes and work communities. What insights, challenges and tips does Joni have for us? Read more!

Joni Jaakkola sitting on stairs

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