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Dismissal was proven to be unjustified – Mediation was successfully achieved through Lakikaveri

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Unfounded dismissals and fabricated allegations of sexual harassment were settled quickly with the help of YTK Worklife's Lakikaveri legal service. The employer had to pay 30,000 euros in damages.

What was the case about?

An employee who had been in a managerial position for a long time was dismissed on the grounds of being unfit for the job. Before dismissal, the employee had been given one warning. The employee denied that the dismissal was justified as they’d worked in the position for more than 10 years. At this point, charges of sexual harassment were also brought against the employee. However, the employee had both written evidence and witnesses to prove that the charges of both unfitness for work and sexual harassment were fabricated. The employer neglected the employee's right to be heard before terminating the employment relationship. After dismissal, the person who complained about sexual harassment was promoted to the employee’s former position.

How was the matter resolved?

The employee contacted YTK Worklife’s Lakikaveri legal service and the case was taken up by a lawyer. First, the employer was asked for clarification on the grounds for dismissal. Because the employer denied in their reply that the employment had been wrongly terminated, a letter of claim for damages was drawn up.

The employee had plenty of material to prove the employer's claims to be false, so the employer eventually agreed to a settlement. The employer paid a settlement of 30,000 euros, and the employee found a new job in less than six months. It took less than 3 months to resolve the case with the help of Lakikaveri.

Lawyer's comment:

“The case showed that a long employment relationship and leadership position do not guarantee immunity to dismissal. Sexual harassment is a serious accusation and can even lead to defamation charges. In this case, the employee who reported the harassment has subsequently stated that they had probably misread the situation and that no harassment actually took place.”

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Lakikaveri, example case

The examples are based on real-life cases investigated by the Lakikaveri service. The member in question has given permission to publish the story, or the details have been changed so that it is not possible to identify the member or the employer.​​​​​​​

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