Employment was unexpectedly terminated during a probationary period - Unfounded termination led to compensation claims

Lakikaveri, example case

The employee's contract was terminated unexpectedly on the last day of their probationary period. The employer was unable to give proper reasons for the termination. With the help of a lawyer, the matter was quickly resolved and the employee received compensation.

What was the case about?

The employee's employment was terminated on the last day of the probationary period. The employee had not been given any prior warning and therefore had no opportunity to correct any alleged shortcomings in his performance. Furthermore, the employee had not been informed of the hearing before the termination of his employment, so he had not been able to prepare for the hearing or to obtain assistance.

How was the matter resolved?

The employee contacted the Lakikaveri service and was assisted by a lawyer. The lawyer first asked the employer to explain the details of what had happened and the basis for the termination at the end of the probationary period. 

During the probationary period, both the employer and the employee have the right to terminate the employment relationship without notice, but even then the employer must have a valid reason for the termination. In this case, the employer was unable to provide proper grounds for termination, so the situation was subject to written conciliation. With the help of a lawyer, an agreement on the amount of compensation was reached relatively quickly.

Lawyer's comment:

"Termination of employment suddenly during a probationary period without justification is quite typical, unfortunately. A large number of situations would be resolved if the employer had given clear reasons and offered the employee a proper hearing before terminating the employment relationship. Many people accept the reasons for termination when they are given a proper hearing, but a termination out of the blue naturally causes confusion and distress."

Lakikaveri, example case

​​​​​​​The examples are based on real-life cases investigated by the Lakikaveri service. The member in question has given permission to publish the story, or the details have been changed so that it is not possible to identify the member or the employer.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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