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How would you like to develop your skills next, Janni Hussi?

Janni Hussi became known as a fitness model and a social media influencer in the world of sports. She is currently hosting a morning radio show and starring in a TV series. Her most recent excursion is into the dubbing of an animated film. What does the energetic physical activity advisor think about learning new skills and developing competencies?

What is the story behind this winding career path? To what extent has it been planned?

As is usual in life, everything is partly planned, but chance also plays a part. For example, I probably would not have ended up as a fitness model if I hadn't had to quit football because of a knee injury. Coming from the world of sports modelling, it was relatively natural to get trained as a physical activity advisor in the exercise industry.

At some point, working with sports no longer satisfied my inner fire and it was time to look for something new. I had always been interested in media work: as early as during my time in Kouvola, I had already written sports articles for a magazine, and later I had run my own blog and YouTube channel and written a column for Cosmopolitan magazine.

I was particularly interested in speech work, so in 2019 I personally approached Supla and told them about my interest in both podcasting and doing temporary radio work... and that is how it all got started. When I set myself a goal, I set out to do things to the fullest in order to achieve it. And so I did in this case as well.

How have you prepared and developed your competencies during the transitions along your career path?

Nothing happens with the snap of a finger, and in today's world you cannot simply jump from one place to another. For example, I have taken private lessons to learn both voice control and acting. In addition to lessons, learning through experience plays an important role: in my case, for example, years of hosting experience have provided me with lots of things that cannot be learned in any way except by doing.

“I'm determined enough when it comes to learning new things that working to my own rhythm and on my own suits me.”

Do you think it is better to develop skills at educational institutions, by taking courses, or “the hard way”?

Everyone has their own path, and there is no one way forward. Training is always useful, be it a weekend course or college. For me, practice works better: I like to get my hands dirty and learn the hard way. Of course, you cannot learn everything this way, so it is also worthwhile to learn from experts and teachers. That is why I myself took private lessons for instance.

What is the most suitable way for you to learn new things and improve your skills? And what does not work?

I like to practice skills on my own. However, the help of a professional is important, especially in the beginning, because it is worth learning things correctly from the beginning – unlearning bad habits is always more difficult. I'm determined enough when it comes to learning new things that working to my own rhythm and on my own suits me.

“Here's a book, learn from it” is a challenging way for me. I prefer to listen to audio or lectures – if the lecturer is interesting, I can absorb information like a sponge.

What has been your motivator for making changes in working life?

I think this is partly a matter of character. Many people enjoy working the same job all their lives, and that is just as good. Personally, I like that there are many projects going on at the same time and I get to do different things during a single day. I have a restless soul, so doing different things is a good way to spend my energy.

What were you supposed to become when you grew up?

Mounted police. I was in Helsinki as a child once and saw a mounted police constable. I was a stable girl and also thought that the police were really cool, so I was blown away to realise that these things could be combined! This idea was still alive and well even at the end of middle school.

“Society and professions are constantly changing, so flexibility is certainly needed.”

How do you feel about the question “what will you become when you grow up” generally?

I think it is a bit old-fashioned to think that you should choose one job for the rest of your life. Society and professions are constantly changing, so flexibility is certainly needed. Of course, there are also those who know from a young age that they want to be, say, a firefighter, go towards it and are satisfied throughout their careers. There is no one right way.

What does working life fitness mean in terms of developing competencies and learning new skills?

If you are completely beat at all times, there is no way that new things will stick in your mind. Both physical activity and adequate sleep help with learning. If the mind is refreshed and the body feels right, you are certainly more open to receiving new information.

How would you like to develop your skills next?

At the moment I'm really happy and there is no need to go anywhere. It is also really important to recognise this feeling – especially for a restless soul like me.

However, if I had to choose a skill that I'm interested in learning, I have been impressed by the skills of mechanics lately. It would be cool to be able to maintain and repair things yourself in case your motorbike breaks down for example. To not be completely useless with such things.

Early in the year, you joined the YTK Association's #työelämäkuntoon2022 challenge and promised to try to keep your phone in do not disturb mode more often. How has it been going?

Quite well actually, I even got my partner on board as well. We sometimes have days when we leave our phones on the table in silent mode and agree that neither of us will look at them. It is truly awful to notice how your hands go into your pocket and reach for the phone. It's a terrible shame how hooked on those things we are. That is one of the reasons why riding a motorbike is so wonderful: no one can reach me then.


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