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Thousands took up our challenge to build better professional well-being

Mirva Puranen, Development Manager, Employment Services

As important as it is to provide support in the twists and turns of working life, professional development and job hunting, everything depends on the well-being and coping of the individual.

After joining the association team back in late autumn 2020, I put together some thoughts on what the future of our services and membership benefits might look like. The surveys we put out to our members brought in plenty of suggestions for new benefits and services that support well-being. This raised the question what we could do to improve well-being and help each of us cope in the twists and turns of working life.

These reflections eventually found their shape early this year as the #työelämäkuntoon2022 campaign for better professional well-being. And what an exciting campaign it has turned out to be!

It includes several elements, the largest of which is a lecture series on holistic well-being in collaboration with Joni & Kaisa Jaakkola from Optimal Performance. The first four parts of the lecture series have now been held.

From a service developer’s point of view, it has been extremely exciting to see how the lectures have been received by the audience - I still remember the titillating feeling when I opened the feedback report for the first lecture! The whole team has been delighted to hear positive and encouraging feedback from our members! Our members’ feedback conveys the fundamental idea why we set out to offer these benefits. Below are some examples of the feedback we’ve received.

Our members’ experiences

Thank you so much! It’s great that members are able to make use of their membership in this way. This is also a public health issue in a positive sense.

The lectures were inspiring. Not too complicated, with good metaphors to help understand the issue. I was inspired by the lectures and didn't feel there was any room for improvement.

Joni Jaakkola’s down-to-earth approach

The speaker in lectures held this winter, Joni Jaakkola, has received much praise. In particular, his practical professional approach that is respectful of the audience has delighted participants. For me, at least, Joni's down-to-earth and straightforward approach to the various aspects of well-being has had a reassuring effect, especially in these uncertain times.

By the way, don't worry if you didn't make it to the live streams or haven’t watched the lectures yet - you'll find all the recordings in our OMA+ service until the end of the year!

Feedback on the lectures

The lecturer was great! I was glued to my seat the whole time. The topics discussed are important.

I loved the way things were presented. No lecturing but in an understandable way that respects the listener’s intelligence. A skill in and of itself. There wasn’t a single dull moment during the webinar. Great job!

The lecturer was particularly good. He was able to make the content interesting with examples. Skilled performer, knew what he was talking about and didn’t just read from notes. The lecture exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so much for the training. Amazing.

The lecture series will continue with four webinars next autumn. In our newsletter in March, members were able to vote on their favourite topics. The most popular themes were a flexible relationship with personal well-being, recovery, sleep and the maintenance of sustainable change. We’ll continue on the road towards better professional well-being with these themes next autumn, so stay tuned!

Take care of yourself first

In addition to the lecture series, lifestyle changes will also be put into practice this year in the FiksuStartti 2.0 training by Optimal Performance and in free well-being sessions designed for our members by Yogaia's well-being professionals. If you are wondering about your health, Puhti offers a great discount on lab testsMindfulness courses help calm the mind from all the events taking place around the world.

All in all, thousands of our members from all over Finland have participated in the #työelämäkuntoon22 campaign by attending live webinars, watching recordings and using discounts offered by our partners. Our newest members have also praised our professional well-being campaign in surveys aimed at them. Inspired by the feedback, we are continuing the development of our well-being services. In particular, our goal is to be able to introduce services and benefits that support mental well-being during 2023.    

The professional well-being campaign was planned while the pandemic was ongoing, but nobody at the time could guess what kind of a global situation we’d be experiencing this spring. Taking care of our own well-being feels even more topical and important than it has for a long while. The old saying “take care of yourself first before helping others” has new meaning when we look after our loved ones as well as those we can only help by limited means. Here at YTK Association, we hope we can help you take care of yourself.

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