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A new legal service and exciting well-being topics – this was 2022 like for YTK Worklife

YTK’s work life services had an exciting start to last year, when we launched a major new membership benefit: the Lakikaveri legal service. In Lakikaveri, our members can find a telephone helpline on labour law issues and services by a lawyer, all with an annual membership fee of just 24 euros.

Already during the first year, we have noticed that there is a need and demand for the service. As many as 10,000 members of YTK Worklife found answers to employment-related questions through the Lakikaveri legal service in 2022.  

The leisure time accident insurance also kept many of the members covered. In fact, we provided compensation for nearly 1,500 accidents that occurred to members during leisure time.  

The campaign to boost well-being at work in 2022 challenged people to think about their own well-being

At the request of our members, we invested heavily in well-being topics. We challenged everyone to join the campaign to boost well-being at work in 2022 and offered our members a wide variety of benefits and services to promote comprehensive well-being. 

The lectures on well-being by Joni and Kaisa Jaakkola, who work as well-being coaches and non-fiction writers, were viewed more than 8,500 times, and the feedback on the lectures was positive. Learn more about Kaisa’s tips for taking care of your own well-being!  

During the campaign, we also asked our members to give us their best tips for improving your professional well-being. In fact, we received more than 1,300 responses that we read eagerly and shared with others on our social media channels.  

Career building and new lessons learned  ​​​​​​​

At the end of 2022, we changed our name to YTK Worklife. We also refreshed our brand and added a new word into the Finnish language: urailu, or career building. How do you work on your career? Read more about different ways of building a career!   

The online working life training library with its thousands of online classes is strongly linked to the theme of career building. During last year, the classes were viewed as many as 23,000 times, and approximately 5,500 training certificates were granted. Do you also need to learn more about LinkedIn, strengthen your performance skills, or perhaps master Adobe software?  

We will continue to develop our services further, so that they will benefit you as our member in exactly the way you need in your working life. See all of your membership benefits for 2023! 

Thank you for being a member! ​​​​​​​

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