Do you know any students? Tip them about the free student membership in the YTK Association!

Student members can also enjoy the benefits of the YTK Association, and free of charge! We offer, for example, leisure time accident insurance, support services for job-seeking, advisory services of a lawyer by telephone, and many other benefits from our partners. Read more and recommend the membership of the YTK Association to a student you know!

Student members get the following free of charge:

Student membership is free of charge if the member is not employed

  • Student members get all membership benefits of the Association free of charge if they are not employed.

  • If you work at least 18 h/week, it is recommended to join the unemployment fund. In that case the membership of the Association will become subject to a charge from the beginning of the year following the joining. The membership fee of the Association is, however, only 18 euros per calendar year.

  • The membership fee of the unemployment fund for this year is 92 euros. If you join in the middle of the year, only the share of the rest of the year will be charged.

Unemployment security of combined members is guaranteed

  • Through membership also in the unemployment fund the members will accumulate the condition regarding employment (26 weeks during a period of 28 months), insure themselves in case of unemployment and that way secure their right to earnings-related daily allowance.

  • If the condition regarding employment is fulfilled during the studies, you may be entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance as soon as you graduate, if you don’t find a job right away after completing your studies. Studying always extends the review period by seven years.

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