Employment counselling will be renewed - full legal service to be launched

Pssst… we will share a very useful secret with you already up front! From the beginning of next year, a completely new entity will be at your service at the YTK Association: Lakikaveri. This “legal buddy” service will assist you in matters related to employment in even more detail and on a wider scope.

This means that you will not be left alone even in smaller matters, but you will get advice, assistance or a lawyer’s consultation work in problematic employment situations. The service will be available to you from the beginning of next year at the price of the membership fee. We have already tested the benefit this year and it has been very positively received.

In order to be able to quickly contact a lawyer when needed, you should now do two things:

  1. Check that in addition to being a member of the unemployment fund, you are ALSO a member of the YTK Association. You can see your membership status on the OmaYTK ‘Combined member’s benefits’ page. 
  2. Join now if you are not already a member of the YTK Association.


You will have access to a lawyer's telephone counselling as soon as you become a member. To have access to the full Lakikaveri service, you must have been a member of the YTK Association for at least 6 months before a problem with your employment or service relationship.

The Lakikaveri service will be launched at the beginning of 2022 and complement the employment counselling telephone service and legal expenses insurance included in your membership. Lakikaveri helps you with twists and turns in your working life that are too complicated to resolve over the phone, but for which you may not be ready to go to court.

So now you should finally also become a member of the YTK Association, so that you can take advantage of all your membership benefits and next year's even better Lakikaveri service!

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