Everyday tips to boost your well-being

Don’t forget that your membership comes with a bunch of benefits to support your well-being! You can choose from a wide array of services to improve your physical and mental well-being. For example, we offer our members Yogaia online workouts for half the price! Read more about how to easily and flexibly boost your well-being in your everyday life.

How to improve your well-being in everyday life

Improving one's own well-being can sometimes seem challenging, but small changes often have a big impact. So don't wait for the moment when you have the energy and motivation for a big change. The most important thing is that you start in a way and pace that suits you - then it will be easier to continue!

  • Start with a small moment of relaxation, exercise or meditation that suits you best. Think about what suits your needs right now. Small streams become big rivers, and before long, you will notice that your motivation is growing.
  • Try to regularly incorporate even just a brief moment self-care into your day or week. Yoga, meditation and conscious presence are effective ways of detaching your mind from your hectic everyday life.
  • Incorporate the exercises into your other daily routines. It is easier to remember and do them when you integrate the moment of self-care into other routines, such as breaks or morning or evening routines.
  • Be easy on yourself. Small changes can have a huge impact, and you don’t have to do everything right away.

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