Have you been bullied on social media? Share your experiences with us for a chance to win GoGift gift card

Bullying at work and outside of it has moved from the physical world to the internet, and it's a growing problem. More than 40% of adults experience regular or occasional bullying online. 
The YTK Association wants to assess how much the members of the association have encountered harassment, bullying or intimidation on social media and elsewhere online and on digital channels. With this survey, we also want to investigate what help and support our members need when they experience possible harassment on social media. 
The survey is anonymous. You can give your contact details at the end of the survey if we can contact you for more information or an interview. 

When you have completed the survey, you can enter the prize draw for a chance to win 50EUR GoGift gift card. The prize draw will take place on 16th of May. The winners (3) will be personally notified.
The survey is open from 3 to 15 May 2022. 
Thank you for participating!

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