How to support a young person in their dream profession?

Anne Rautu, Marketing Manager

What did you dream of when you were 16? What was your dream profession?
As an 80s child, I remember playing the bank cashier. I built an office in my room where I moved papers from one place to another, wrote receipts and gave money to my little brother who came to be served at the counter. It was clear that I was interested in office work, with regular working hours from eight to four, with a sure permanent contract until retirement age. The influences for this dream profession came from home and the neighbours. I was used to seeing the everyday life of office work and it was easy to encourage me to work in the commercial sector because "there is always work in that field".

My parents got lucky. Their daughter chose the familiar and safe business education line and managed to get into her dream profession. Office work from eight to four with a permanent contract.

Now I look at my own daughter and try to ask what her dream profession is. At the age of 10, her dreams still vary from ice cream vendor to PE teacher and party planner. So for the time being, the dreams are of very traditional professions to which it will be easy to guide and encourage her.

What happens when influences come from outside the home, dreams start to become more concrete and it's really time to start thinking about educational paths and internships? Will the professions still be traditional, or will there be a new profession that I have no idea about? Will I then be able to guide and encourage her in the right way, or do I become the "stupid mum who understands absolutely nothing about modernity, let alone the future"!? *door slam*

Exploring new professions

New professions and ways of working are now emerging at an accelerating rate. Would you have dreamed of working with social media in the 80s? Or the work of a bot whisperer? Or that you get to define your own working hours and places? How would your parents have guided and encouraged you to these?

We have no way of knowing what job opportunities will exist in ten or fifteen years' time, but it is essential to understand the change that is taking place and to follow the silent signals. Support and be present in the young person's dreams.

At the YTK Association, we have noticed how e-sports has grown in popularity among young people and how it has started to offer a wide range of professions and employment opportunities. We now want to find out what it’s all about and help others understand what is being talked about in the sector.

In 2019, e-sports became even more popular and followed than ice hockey among men aged 18 to 29, and in Finland as a whole, e-sports are already watched by half a million spectators. Many professions, from professional players and streamers to influencers and e-sports coaches, are linked to the sport. So it's not just about teenagers locked in their rooms who play night and day with the help of energy drinks, but about today's work, which requires physical fitness, mental coaching, business expertise, reaction and tactical capability, as well as public relations skills and teamwork.

E-sport as a profession

The cooperation between the YTK Association and Kova Esports, which bears the name E-sport as a Profession, highlights the new working life through one concrete example. We want to contribute to creating the working life of the future and help our members succeed in the changes of working life.

During the year, we will talk about dreams, goal-oriented work and the journey towards goals, but also about coping and well-being, expectations and pressures, as well as the balance of work, family and leisure. About what all is involved in young people's working lives now and tomorrow.

You’re welcome to join us!

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