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Improve and maintain your wellbeing with new and free Yogaia program

Do you have some 5-15 minutes to take care of your body and mind? Welcome to improve and maintain your wellbeing with new Yogaia program - crafted specifically for YTK Association’s members!

The program consists of a short introductory video with practical tips on how to succeed with a lifestyle change and how to get the most out of the program as well as various wellbeing classes. Videos are available both in English and Finnish. Try out different classes during a break at work or in your freetime and find your favorites!

The themes of the program:

  1. Start Smart

    Start improving your welbeing with this program smartly and increase your chances of success! Learn practical tips from Yogaia's in-house psychologist Kaisa.
  2. Improve the Sleep

    Relax and Let Go - Lie down and relax with this meditation that will relax the mind and body and set you up for a good nights rest.

    Meditative Breathing - When the mind is busy, bringing our focus to the breath can be a very powerful tool for calming the mind. We will explore breathing techniques in this class to help us find focus and stillness.
  3. Revitalise the Body

    Refresh and Energize the Lower Body - A targeted lower body all levels class including squats and or lunge variations and movement for the lower body joints from hips to toes.

    Seated Movement - Take a break at your desk with this short class that mobilise and stretch the spine.
  4. Focus the Mind

    5 Minutes of Mindfulness - Join Kali for a powerful 5 minute seated practice to find anchor in breath and stillness.

    ​​​​​​​Breathing for Calm - Take a break at your desk with this short class that will refresh and calm the mind.

Member benefit -50 % from the 6-month membership to Yogaia

Remember to also take advantage of your member benefit and get 50 % off from the 6-month membership to Yogaia:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of wellbeing classes for just 44.97 € (normal price 89.94€).
  • Interactive live classes (webcam) and recordings
  • More than 100 new classes every week
  • Diverse content with timing for everyday use (5–70 min.), e.g. pilates, yoga, stick workout, stretching, core, HIIT, mindfulness, kettlebell, pause exercise, deep relaxation, maternity yoga, back improvement, yoga for runners, Mimi & Kuku superhero yoga etc.
  • Can be used on browser, iPhone/iPad, Android devices and AppleTV.

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