Is your salary late or unpaid? What to do? Check out these expert tips!

What to do when the employer fails to pay salary and goes bankrupt? What about the employer's other insolvency situations? Lawyer and Master of Laws with court training, Katja Halonen, answers frequently asked questions about salary payment in our webinar, read the tips and watch the recording (in Finnish)!

For many, uncertainty about the employment relationship and, as a result, perhaps also about the payment of salary will continue due to the coronavirus situation. For example, unpaid or overdue salaries, employer insolvency, bankruptcy, wage security, non-payment of salaries, pay claims and incorrect salary are topics that now raise the most questions.

What can you do if your salary is late or unpaid? What if the employer goes bankrupt?


  • contact your employer to find out if it's a case of insolvency or, for example, a dispute
  • apply for more information and legal assistance from the YTK Association's Employment Advice
  • make an application for wage security no later than 3 months after expiration of the claim
Katja Halonen.

In the Lakiruutu webinar, lawyer and Master of Laws with court training, Katja Halonen from Teperi & Co Attorneys Ltd, answers the preliminary questions that have concerned our members the most and provides legal assistance in employment salary matters.

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