Joel’s story – a new line of business, a new opportunity

”Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I got to start studies in the autumn. I believe that I received the study place largely thanks to the YTK grant and the preparation course paid with it. Thanks a million, this is a new beginning in the field of information technology. Regards, Joel”

We wanted to share with you a positive example of how new opportunities may open up in unexpected places despite the uncertain times. Last autumn we gave out #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grants for the development of own expertise, and Joel was one of the recipients of the grant.

Maximising the opportunities generated results

Joel was changing professions, because his wrist had been injured in an accident 13 years earlier and kept bothering him in the heavy construction work. “Passion for games and designing them drew me into information technology", Joel says. The rehabilitation of the pension insurance company provides support during studies, but first he heads to get a study place.

“In the application phase I was wondering how I could maximise my opportunities to get a study place and thought that a preparation course would help a great deal. When the grants of the YTK Association were announced for the members, I thought that it would help with changing of profession in the form of the cost of the preparation course.”

When we recently received a message from Joel saying that he had been accepted to study, we all cheered together. The seed of possibility had born fruit! It’s always great to hear how our members have succeeded and proceeded in their working life both through their activity and with our support. Our goal “We will help you to succeed in the turns of the working life” was thus realised in a very concrete way.

“There are many different paths in the working life, and sometimes there are forks in the path to choose from and ditches to cross. We want to be there to provide support in those turning points and help people to find their own direction”, Ilona Kangas, Director of Marketing and Communications of YTK Association sums up.

This is what it is about:

#MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grants

In late 2019, the YTK Association gave out to its members a total of 10,000 euros as grants for studies related to the development or maintenance of own expertise, the purpose of which was to increase the opportunities to find a job or get along in the current job.

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