Members’ legal advice service grows even bigger

Our legal advice service, Lakikaveri, grows bigger as the Vaasa-based law firm Aawa joins our cooperation network. Through this service, our members can access lawyer’s investigation services, employment advice by phone and a legal expenses insurance. Read more!

“We are proud and happy to start cooperation with Asianajotoimisto Aawa. Thanks to our latest addition, we are now partners with a total of 15 law firms across Finland, from Helsinki to Rovaniemi,” says Ilona Kangas, Director of the YTK Association.

Thanks to this extensive law firm network, the YTK Association can offer its members comprehensive expert assistance in labour law-related matters. The Lakikaveri legal helpline gets approximately 10,000 calls per year. The lawyer’s investigation service goes through nearly 1,000 cases every year.

“We cannot wait to offer our assistance to the members of the YTK Association in employment-related matters. We hope that everyone who contacts us feels that their concerns have been heard and that they have received helped without feeling rushed, even though a lawyer’s workday is often quite hectic,” says attorney-at-law Heidi Patronen from Aawa.

“Our firm has successfully handled employment dispute cases in courts. Nevertheless, our first solution is always to seek an amicable settlement that best serves the member’s interests,” says Kirsi Hägglund, attorney-at-law and Master of Laws with court training.

The most frequent questions asked by the members of the YTK Association are about unpaid wages and terminated employment contracts. Concerns about so-called termination agreements have also been on the rise.

The law firms in our partner network are part of the OpusLex network.

Legal advice for dealing with employment issues

During your career, you may be faced with difficult situations, such as unpaid wages or an unexpected dismissal.

Lakikaveri is a legal service for all members of the YTK Association. You can call the legal helpline as soon as you need to. You can access the lawyer’s investigation service after you have been a member of the YTK Association for at least 6 months.

Check out the Lakikaveri service!

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