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Mirva Puranen, Development Manager, Working Life Services

When we are well, we can cope better in the turns of the working life. Read in our blog the thoughts of our Development manager Mirva on how we want to help you to support your overall well-being!

The benefits of well-being are incontestable. That’s why everyone is entitled to well-being. A happy, healthy person is creative, active, efficient, and persistent, tolerates stress better, and will even gain a few extra years of life. Organisations with healthy employees will succeed.

While people have become aware of the multi-dimensional significance of well-being to individuals, communities, organisation as well as society, the costs resulting from absences due to illness in Finland amount to billions of euros. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has calculated the costs of lost work contribution and they amount to up to 2 billion euros per month. Occupational health care service provider Heltti reported in January that at the end of 2020 the number of absences due to mental health problems exceeded the number of other absences due to illness for the first time.

The increased uncertainty due to the coronavirus, lay-offs, job-seeking and other situations we need to face further reduce the strength of many people. In order to cope with such situations, it’s good to look after your own well-being. That got us thinking whether we could offer our members an even wider range of services for supporting well-being which also gives strength to do better in the twists and turns of the working life.

For the needs of our members

We put our plans into practice and our new membership benefits for the support of well-being were launched at the beginning of the year. These services are also a response to the wishes coming from you, our members. In an extensive survey for mapping the experiences of our members (Pentagon Insight, September 2020) services for supporting well-being came up as a key area that our members thought we could invest in. And we are listening to you – and will invest in that.

We start by offering our customers online exercise services at half price. Now at the latest is a good time to add some physical exercise to your daily life. With gentle yoga or harder training for maximal heart rate. Adding just a little more physical exercise in the daily life has many positive effects. You will sleep better, your thoughts will be clearer, and stress will be relieved. Your membership also includes the familiar leisure-time accident insurance which will secure your well-being in case of accidents in the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can learn how to calm your mind on a free-of-charge mindfulness course.

Developing overall well-being

Well-being is of course more than physical exercise, and our journey in offering services for overall support for well-being has only just begun. We will invest in these services during the current year and we would very much like to hear your thoughts and wishes relating to this entity of services. Please don’t hesitate to contact e.g. me, and we will place your wishes in our barrel from which we regularly choose them for implementation.

My own challenge for this spring is increasing body maintenance in daily life to relieve the muscles jammed by remote working and wading in the snow. I challenge you to choose something that gives you joy and well-being from the supply of our partners. How about dancing lesson (in Finnish) with dancing teacher Matti Puro from the TV show dancing with the stars or a shared Yogaia moment with the children doing yoga with Mimi and Kuku?

Mirva Puranen, Development Manager, Working Life Services

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