New membership benefit expands our members' educational opportunities a thousandfold

Continuous learning and developing one's own skills are strong currency in the labour market, whether you have a job, are looking for work or are off duty. For our members, training is now particularly easy and flexible with the new membership benefit. The Online training library for working life, launched in cooperation with Accountor Eduhouse, offers a wide range of online training courses by experts on current and practical working life skills for our members, free of additional charges.

"We are very happy to offer this unique benefit to our members. We believe that everyone wants to keep their capital up to date in the best possible way, and now we have the tools to provide training to our members," says Ilona Kangas, Director of the YTK Association. "Our members have hoped for opportunities for competence development, and they are now available a thousandfold," continues Mirva Puranen, the association's Development Manager and person responsible for cooperation.

We hope that the scope of the service and the expertise of the trainers will bring benefits to our members in terms of coping with the challenges of working life and provide experiences of success. "Nowadays, many people want to train even in their free time and adopt the latest things in their field at their own pace and at a time of their choosing. The online training library makes this possible in an excellent way," Puranen says.

The content includes a wide range of trainings, current reports, learning content and inspiration. "I believe that at least hands-on O365 trainings will be popular, as well as learning content related to managerial work, the management of one's own work or even educational content for a KHT-degree," she continues.

"We were excited about the opportunity to expand our services to the YTK Association's members," says Jukka Vento, CEO of Accountor Eduhouse. "Smart learning solutions have experienced a real rocket rise due to the coronavirus crisis, and we believe that excellent educational content has the potential to reach an even larger group through the YTK Association."

We wish the service thousands of active users! The service will be available in the YTK Association's OMA+ service from the beginning of April.

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