Newsletter 20 June 2023

Do I get paid for the holiday?

By law, as an employee you are also entitled to be paid during your leave. Your holiday pay depends, among other things, on the type of pay system you have in your employment relationship. Depending on your collective agreement, you may also be entitled to holiday pay.

New for your wellbeing: mindfulness with Luotain

Mindfulness, or conscious presence, has been shown to help you manage stress, improve sleep quality and concentration, for example. As a combined member of YTK, you can now take part in the online mindfulness training course at no cost (normal price €240).   
In practice, during an eight-week course you will learn, among other things, what mindfulness is and how it can increase your well-being.

Elisa Book's audio and e-books for your summer holiday

Elisa Kirja is a domestic book service that offers a wide range of books to listen to and read. Books are conveniently carried with you on your phone or tablet - even without an internet connection.  

As a top summer benefit, you can listen to and read Elisa Kirjas for 30 days free of charge! Be quick - the benefit is valid until 30.8.2023. After the trial, you can still take advantage of the special price of 14,99 €/month for a monthly subscription for full members (normal price 16,99 €/month).

Take advantage of your hotel benefits - our new partner: Green Star Hotels

When you're thinking about travelling abroad, it's worth remembering that as a combined member of the YTK, you have access to a range of hotel benefits. New to the range is a 15% discount on accommodation at Green Star Hotels. Green Star Hotels is Finland's first carbon neutral hotel chain and you can find accommodation in five different locations.

Padel and kickboards notable in insurance companies - Make sure you have comprehensive leisure accident insurance

Accidents happen especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays - and knees are particularly vulnerable, according to statistics from LähiTapiola. Fortunately, YTK Leisure Accident Insurance covers both medical expenses and possible compensation for injuries.

Last autumn's super-popular 4T Summit is back!

Join us to learn how you can develop the most important of all future work-life skills - finding alternatives. The turmoil in the world of work is underway, and that's what makes this the best time for us as individuals!

4T Summit online event on 6.9.2023. Registration opens in August, so stay tuned!

Go to e-invoice and win a100 € gift voucher

With e-invoicing, you can manage your membership fees more easily, flexibly and securely than with a paper invoice. By switching to e-invoicing now, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a €100 gift voucher. E-invoicing is a convenient way to keep your bills under control.

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