Newsletter April 14

Safety and security in working life

Especially during unexpected changes, it's important to have your bases covered. As a member of YTK Association, you have access to the new Lakikaveri legal service for work-related legal issues. In addition, you get free coaching and valuable membership benefits for your job search and career. This way, you can prepare against the twists and turns of working life without needing to worry!

“When I finally got myself collected, I asked what exactly was my dismissal based on?”

In what kinds of situations have our members received help from the Lakikaveri legal service? For example, Saara was unexpectedly dismissed without a clear reason or warning. Now, a lawyer from the Lakikaveri service helps Saara fight for her rights. Read Saara’s story!  

Lakikaveri is at your assistance in matters related to unpaid wages, dismissals, employment contracts, terms of employment, workplace harassment, fixed-term contracts, holidays and any other work-related things on your mind.

Ask our recruiter about headhunting in IG live on 12 May

More and more employees are finding work through headhunting. What is headhunting and who is it used to recruit? How can I be targeted by a headhunter? 

Send us your questions about headhunting and join us on Instagram for a live event on YTK Association’s page on Thursday 12 May at 11–12. Featuring Talent Search Consultant Johanna Valovirta from Taito Research and Development Manager Mirva Puranen from the YTK Association. 

This event is held in Finnish.

Improve your LinkedIn expertise in our workshops this May!

Our popular LinkedIn training workshops are back! In May, we will host two interactive Zoom remote workshops together with Worklife Psychologist Juho Toivola. At the workshops, you can virtually practice using LinkedIn for different purposes. See the dates below for a workshop that is suitable for you:

  1. LinkedIn and job search: Tuesday, 24 May at 15–18: for active job seekers
  2. Using LinkedIn to advance your goals: Wednesday, 25 May at 15–18: for anyone looking to develop their skills

Signup for the workshops starts soon and there are limited spots open, so mark down the dates and follow our newsletters! Participating in the workshop requires active engagement and an existing LinkedIn profile that will be worked on during the workshop, so get the basics in order in advance with our LinkedIn training videos! (in Finnish).

“LinkedIn is the best, easiest and cheapest way to advance your own professional goals — whether you're looking for work or otherwise want to develop professionally and form networks. LinkedIn is the best way to reach out to people outside your organisation.”
Trainer, Worklife Psychologist Juho Toivola

”Go for it! Job search coaching was a huge help”

Our member Terhi made use of our popular job search coaching and brought her skills up to speed as she headed in a new direction in her career. 

We have redesigned our free job search coaching for members of YTK Association to offer even more personalised support for finding a new job or career opportunities and assistance from a personal career coach. Learn more and update your job search skills now!

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