Newsletter April 22

Developing your skills is always worthwhile

Continuous learning and developing one's own skills are strong currency in the labour market, whether you have a job, are looking for work or are off duty. In addition, studying new things is inspiring and helps to succeed in the challenges of working life. Take a look at what new trainings, current tips and benefits of monetary value we are offering you!

Learn proactive career planning – sign up for the webinar on 27 April and coaching in May

What is your Future Direction? Have you recently had to consider the permanence of your job or the direction of your working life? You cannot change the turmoil in the world and the labour market, but with proactive career planning, you can influence your future opportunities. In the webinar, you will also hear more about career planning coaching for jobseekers, which includes four sessions in May. 

The webinar and coaching will be held in Finnish.

Take advantage of the free trainings and keep your most important capital up-to-date

We didn't trick you on April Fool's Day when we opened thousands of online trainings for free at the Online training library for working life in cooperation with Accountor Eduhouse! Have you already gotten to know the selection? We offer you hands-on courses in developing your own skills for Office 365 programs, HR and managerial work, payroll and financial management, labour law and business law, and other useful working life skills. And best of all, you can study flexibly, easily and free of charge whenever it suits you.

Siberia teaches us, but what about Africa?

Read about the experiences of top recruiter Saana Rossi in the changes of job search and working life. Read more on our #työelämänkäänteissä blog post!

"If you don't do things right, someone else will come and do"

Esports professional player Lauri "pietola" Hietala develops himself not only as a player, but also as a person. He uses tools to deal with stress and pressure, for example, and does not punish himself for mistakes, instead, he tries to develop through the positive.

Remember at least these deductions on your tax return

It's that time of year again – time to review the pre-completed tax return. In 2020, many of us worked remotely a lot, so it is worth taking now into account the related tax deductions. We put a checklist of deductions that you may be entitled to as a recipient of active income.

Salary payment is late or not paid at all, what to do? Check out these tips from a lawyer!

Do you need legal assistance when it comes to employment salary matters? Katja Halonen, attorney-at-law and Master of Laws with court training, answers frequently asked questions about salary pay in our Lakiruutu webinar.

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