Newsletter April 9th 2020

Hello all members of YTK!

Whew! Just a short while ago I wouldn’t have believed that I would be starting at my new job in such a situation and such circumstances. Despite all that my experience of my first weeks as the Services Development Director of YTK is very positive. Furthermore, familiarising yourself with the operations of the fund and the association and the working community through a remote connection adds a new dimension to work. Of course, we can imagine what if all this had happened e.g. 15 years ago, or even earlier. Although we are in the middle of a crisis that concerns the whole world and threatens our health and livelihood, the humankind is nevertheless much better prepared to take the blows than, for example, a few years ago – at least in terms of technology. I was happy to note on my very first day at work that YTK has created exemplary infrastructure for remote working, so at least it is easy to set up meetings and provide materials.

At the time of writing I have only met a few YTK employees face to face, but yet I feel like having become a part of a really great community even through a remote connection. My colleagues exude very strong professional pride, expertise, openness, joy and pursuit for common goals regarding the work that we do for the benefit of all our members. I’m proud to be part of that!

Although the present situation will surely leave scars in our society for a long time, at the same time it creates new opportunities and will change the labour market and our ways of working to some degree also permanently. The services of YTK also need to change and evolve over time. That’s why we will invest increasingly in the development of services, so that being a member of the YTK community would give you as a member as much added value and benefit as possible in addition to earnings-related security. During the current year we will develop completely new kinds of services about which we hope to be able to tell you more soon. Of course we are also open for new thoughts and ideas, so you are welcome to send us ideas and suggestions on how we could serve you and our whole community even better in the future. Together we will achieve more.

Today we are again one day closer to normal conditions. Let’s stay healthy and look after our loved ones, things tend to turn out all right in the end, they really do.

Markus Blom -YTK Association.


Markus Blom
Services Development Director

Mindfulness benefit for combined members

The YTK Association offers its members a 10-day Mindfulness online course free of charge (normal price € 19.90). The online course is only available in Finnish.

You will find the link for ordering the online course at a member price at OMA+

We help you to succeed

The YTK Association was happy to support in March the online coaching provided by Anna Perho and Anna magazine under the title “Anna mennä! Muuttujan käsikirja by Anna & Anna.”

In Anna’s words: ”It’s never too late to be the one who you could have been”. That’s why it’s never too late to watch Anna’s 20 coaching videos here (Note! Videos are in Finnish):

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