Newsletter August 10, 2023

4T Summit 6.9.2023 - Register for the free online event!

Last autumn's super-popular 4T Summit is back with new and topical content! Join us to learn how you can develop the most important of your future work-life skills - finding alternatives. The turmoil in the world of work is ongoing, and that's what makes this the best time for us as individuals! (Only in Finnish)

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Register as an online training library user and win a gift card worth 100 €

Between 9.8.-17.9.2023, we will draw 5 gift cards worth 100 euros among all those who have registered as users of the online training library. With the gift card, you can purchase, for example, high-quality equipment for distance learning!

Do this:

  1. Log in to OMA+ and click on Webinars and training.

    ​​​​​​​Please note: The section will not appear if the language is set to Swedish or English. First, select Finnish as the language, then click Webinaarit ja koulutukset, and then select Swedish or English as the language again.
  2. Tick the box to accept and the registration link will be activated and you will be able to go to Eduhouse's website to complete your registration free of charge
  3. Confirm your registration via the email sent by Eduhouse - and voila!
    ​​​​​​​That’s all! The online training library is now available to you!​​​​​​​

All new registrations during the promotion period are automatically included in the draw. We will carry out the draw immediately after the end of the campaign period and we will be in contact with the winners (5 winners) via the e-mail address provided in the membership information of YTK Worklife no later than 20.9.2023. Terms and conditions of the prize draw

Combined members of the YTK have "a huge financial advantage" - "I did not expect such a high quality and comprehensive range of courses"

Every combined member of the YTK has free access to Eduhouse's extensive online training library. It is mostly used to deepen one's knowledge and to learn new things. The quality and variety of the training courses is almost unanimously praised in the member survey.

Through the member survey, we reached out to Harri and Anna to tell us more about how they have used their membership benefits.

Do you know your pay rights? Even your employer doesn't always know, so you should be careful!

The Lakikaveri service that YTK Worklife offers for its members has revealed that there is a lot of confusion about pay issues for both employees and employers. Employees may have been underpaid or may not have received their bonuses. Employers are not always aware of pay practices either, so it is important to be vigilant.

Take advantage of your new hotel discount in Vierumäki

Go on an active holiday or relax in Vierumäki! As a combined member of the YTK, you now get -15% discount on the daily price of accommodation. You can choose your preferred option from three different hotels.
You can find more information and your benefit code in the OMA+ service.

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