Newsletter July 7

Time for rest and creativity

For many, summer is a highlight where a lot of expectations and program will be easily loaded. What if you took it easy and didn’t try to do everything possible during the summer? Well-being and recovery are more easily a part of sustainable well-being even after the summer, when you start with small things that suit you. 

We offer you a wide range of membership benefits for holistic body and mind care, such as mindfulness online courses and Yogaia wellness videos to support your endurance, as well as smart discounts on Puhti health checks and Alma Talent books.  

Happy Summer - Whether you're on vacation or at work! 

New! Sleep well online course (the course is available in Finnish) 

Yogaia’s diverse mind and body care classes (videos in Finnish and English) 

Alma Talent’s books to challenge your thinking  

PUHTI health check to support the improvement of your health (available in Finnish) 

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