Newsletter July 9

Summer is only halfway through

We hope you are having a wonderful summer, dear member! For this bright time, we have put together soothing, relaxing and even inspiring benefits for you.

Our customer service is open normally all summer!

Wishing you tight fishing lines, mellow sunsets and lots of recovery!
The YTK Association team

Refresh yourself and feel well

Kettlebell, yoga, meditation, forest bath... How do you relax?

Each of us has their own ways. The secret of an holistic well-being lies in the small moments of well-being and recovery. If these moments have been forgotten in the heat of work, a holiday is a good opportunity to make your own well-being your first priority. It is easy to continue the well-being routines practiced during the summer even after you have returned to work.

Is your summer trip yet to be booked?

As a member of the YTK association, you will receive discounts on our numerous partner hotels. Demand is high this summer, but see if you can still find room at the following destinations:

Current topics

Electricity is at its cheapest in the summer – take part in the tendering now!

Thousands of our members have already saved hundreds of euros on their electricity bills! Now is an excellent time to tender your own electricity contract, as electricity prices are at their cheapest in the summer. In the joint tender, you can save up to 25%! The tendering process is ongoing until 15 July 2021. It's easy to participate and it only takes you a couple of minutes!

#ammattinaesport unravels the mysticism around popular professions

When you win a world championship at 16, you can retire in your 20s. This is what happened to professional player Lauri Happonen, who ended his competitive career and now serves as a bridge between the Esports organization and the players.

And what does it mean when you're profession is streaming? An expert in this area is Teemu Rissanen, who has made his own way through bullying and underestimation towards his dream profession.

These and many other stories can be found on the website, where we dismantle the mysticism around popular professions!

Meanwhile, test your reaction speed and see if you can keep up with the speed of professional players or the player's mother! You can also participate in the gift card lottery!

Specific tips for the changes in working life

Things to do on the rainy days of summer

If you feel like it, you can also do a little brainstorming during your holiday, especially when it's easy. Keep in mind that as a member you have free access to a library with thousands of online trainings! There are certainly interesting courses in the selection that fit everyone's needs. Our members' favourite courses right now include: Excel, time management, Teams as well as leadership, HR, manager and development work. In the OMA+ service, you get access to the service and in our webinar recordings, you can find guidance for setting up the service as well as for the content, in addition to many of our other webinars.

The service only works in Finnish, but the library also offers plenty of trainings in Swedish and English.

How does that annual leave accumulate? Our Lakiruutu video series opens up the twists and turns of employment relationship

What if there is a threat of termination or lay-offs? What to do if your salary is unpaid or you're bullied at work? How does that annual leave accumulate? – Many of our members are thinking about these questions, and we are helping. In the Lakiruutu video series, we take a look at problem situations in working life with the guidance of Katja Halonen, attorney-at-law and Master of Laws with court training.

Unfortunately, Lakiruutu videos are only offered in Finnish.

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