Summer starts here!

Are you in need of a hotel or spa staycation? Would you prefer independent, sustainable travel in a rental car? Or are you just waiting for the moment when you’re free to stay at home, do nothing at all and lie in a hammock with a book or an audiobook? Don’t forget that your membership comes with a wide range of smart membership benefits that put you in summer and holiday mode in an easy and affordable way!

Affordable holidays in high-quality hotels and spas

Pamper yourself with a spa holiday in Ikaalinen, Naantali or Ruissalo, or treat yourself to some luxury at the Kämp Collection hotels in Helsinki. If you haven’t yet experienced the magical summer in Lapland, check out Santa’s Hotels in the middle of stunning northern nature!

Travel safely and responsibly with a rental car

Do you have concerns about the costs and environmental impacts of your own car? Embark on a safe and low-emission trip in a Green Motion rental car and take advantage of your membership benefit to get 15% off the day's prices in Finland. To get the most out of this offer, make your reservation early.

New books to read and listen to!

In the summer, you will definitely find the time to read and listen to every single one of the books on your reading list! Well, perhaps not quite, but you should still try the Alma Talent Kirjat app at a membership discount price for €9/month! You will find a wide range of books to boost your well-being and career skills. You can also get 20% off all printed books in the online store.

Leisure-time accident insurance

Now that the spring is here with sunshine, hot asphalt and fast cars, don’t forget that you have leisure-time accident insurance across the world!

Twice as much fun – recommend our membership benefits to your travel friend!

Members of the YTK Unemployment Fund can access the YTK Association’s membership benefits for only €22 per year.

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