Newsletter June 9

Coming on 14.9.2022: 4T Summit - Emotions, Skills, Work Life, Future

The constant and accelerating change in working life requires us to learn new skills all the time. It can be both inspiring and fascinating at the same time, but also unsettling and frustrating.

These things will be addressed in the autumn when, among others, non-fiction writer Henri “Henkka” Hyppönen, who studies human place in artificial intelligence, and Perttu Pölönen, a futurist on lifelong learning and future skills needs, takes the stage of the e-event. (in Finnish only)

Registration for the free online event, which is open to everyone, begins in August, but observe the time on your calendar and your friends already now: September 14, 2022 from 14:00 to 16:30

In partnership with Eduhouse

Together with Eduhouse, we want to offer you an online work life education library to take care of the most important capital in your working life, your skills!

Register now via OMA+ to get this service, which normally costs €147/month, absolutely free!

The service is in Finnish, but the library also offers trainings in English and Swedish.

Train your work skills and you will be better both at work and in your spare time

Want more energy after work for other things such as, hobbies, family and exercise? We want that too! That's why we offer you tools to improve your holistic well-being through Eduhouse's various online courses, try for example:

Develop your interaction skills (in finnish only)

Focus and Priority (in finnish only)

Practical ways to strengthen well-being at work (in finnish only)

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