Newletter March 26 2021

We protect you even in uncertain times

Are you concerned about the effects of the coronavirus on your work? Do you need training? Don't forget to use your versatile membership benefits to support your well-being! In this letter, we have gathered our most topical services and benefits for the twists and turns of working life.

Information for employment problem situations

Take a look at the summary of the most frequently asked employment issues

Are you facing the threat of lay-off or dismissal? Do you need information about changes in employment? Do you have unpaid wages because of the employer's bankruptcy? The deteriorating coronavirus and employment situation understandably causes widespread concern and uncertainty for many of our members. We compiled a short information package for you on the most frequently asked topics of the first half of the year.


Spring, joint application, future open?

How to support a young person in their future choice of profession? Do you remember what your dream profession was? Working life and professions are undergoing an accelerating transformation. Today's nonsense could be tomorrow's success.

More certainty for even surprising changes in working life

Lay-offs and unemployment have increased during the coronavirus pandemic. Planning a career and maintaining job search skills are things that everyone can influence in this turmoil themselves. If you are laid off or become unemployed, it is easier to get up after stumbling and continue the journey when you already have the tools in your pocket. Read more in our blog about how we can help you prepare and influence your own working life resilience!

I learn, I know: webinars and trainings

Master the LinkedIn FAQ!

LinkedIn – what is it? How could you benefit from it? LinkedIn trainings are one of the top wishes of our members. We once again listened to you and organised an online training for taking over LinkedIn in cooperation with LinkedIn professional user and work and organisational psychologist Juho Toivola. Read the webinar FAQ and answers in our blog and check out Juho's instructional videos.​​​​​​​

Join the Proactive Career Planning webinar on 27 April!

What is your Future Direction? Have you recently had to consider the permanence of your work or the direction of your working life? You cannot change the turmoil in the world and the labour market, but with proactive career planning, you can influence your future opportunities.

The webinar will be held in Finnish.

Refresh yourself and feel well

To support your well-being

The prolonged coronavirus situation has really put our well-being to the test. What would help you feel better right now, and keep you going? Remember the membership benefits we offer to increase well-being and refresh yourself?

Current topics

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