Newsletter March 9, 2023

By taking care of your employment contract, you avoid the usual pitfalls of employment relationships

"The biggest stumbling block in employment relationships is that the employment contract is not made in writing,” says Janika Räty, Lakikaveri legal counsel specialising in labour law. In her work, she helps the members of YTK Working Life with ambiguities in their employment relationships.

It is also a good idea to read the employment contract and terms of employment carefully in order to understand what you are agreeing on.

How the Lakikaveri legal service has helped our members

The employer had not paid wage supplements correctly – Lakikaveri helped settle a considerable sum of money 

Our member asked for the Lakikaveri service for help with missing wages. As the lawyer investigated the matter, it was found out that the sum the employer had failed to pay was more than ten times the initially thought amount. However, with the help of Lakikaveri, the case was quickly settled. 

Fact about employment contracts: termination of a fixed-term employment 

If the employment contract includes a probation, either party to the employment relationship may terminate the fixed-term contract with immediate effect. After the probation, the general rule is that a fixed-term employment relationship ends after the term is up, unless a termination clause is specifically included in the contract and the contract is a hybrid agreement.  

See what you need to take into account before agreeing to a fixed-term employment relationship!

Remember the leisure time accident insurance ​​​​​​​

A spring sun makes the corners of his mouth turn into a smile, but an unwary pedestrian grimace in pain at finding himself falling in the middle of a slippery sidewalk. Smile though, as a combined member you have leisure time accident insurance!

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