Newsletter May 28

Receive coaching and refresh yourself with new membership benefits!

The second exceptional spring is coming to an end and the corona marathon is still continuing, even though the final stretch is looming. Everyone's patience is being tested, so remember that we are on this journey together, and we at the YTK Association are there to support you every day (now even better than before and in the colour of a bright blue sky). What if, instead of an endurance journey, we thought of the change in working life as a continuous exercise? You can think of us a your cheering work-life coach that is guiding you from one stage to another and reminding you of warming up, refuelling and recovering. In our latest newsletter, get to know the new membership benefits as well as tips to help you get more energy, support for challenges and help for everyday savings!

Specific tips for the changes in working life

"The online education library of working life raised my points to the limit!"

In the course of less than two months, our members have benefited from nearly 2000 various online trainings courses, from Excel to time management in Teams, managerial skills and self-management.

It's worth to get to know the courses, whether the idea is to educate yourself or to obtain specific information about, for example, the Working Hours Act. The interesting training courses are easy to put on your own list to watch at a time that suits you best.

-Katri, user of the online training library and member of the YTK Association

There are several courses related to different topics offered in English and Swedish in the online education library.

Watch the Lakiruutu videos, get legal help for your employment relationship

How to prepare for employee co-operation negotiations? What to do if you experience inappropriate treatment at work? What if the salary is unpaid? How does annual leave accumulate? These are the things we are often asked about. In the Lakiruutu video series, we help our members with legal problem situations of working life with the guidance of Katja Halonen, attorney-at-law and Master of Laws with court training. More information can also be found in the Employment Advice section of our website.
The videos are in Finnish.

Current topics

Save on electricity together, take part in a joint tender!

Did the electricity bills for the past winter sting? Would you like to save money and tender your electricity contract? Especially if you haven't done it yet, now is the right time, as prices are at their lowest in the summer. In a joint tender, you can save up to 25%!

Today's nonsense could be tomorrow's success

Professions and working life are constantly changing. Learn more about the professions and working life of the future in the #ammattinaesport campaign. During 2021, we will be able to closely follow the everyday life of esport stars Pietola and Spamned at the heart of a new profession.

Refresh yourself and feel well

How to increase one's own well-being in everyday life?

Start with a small and suitable moment of relaxation, exercise or meditation. Then try adding these moments for yourself regularly, once a day or a week. Implementation is made easier when you combine your well-being moments with other routines, such as a activities on a break, or during the morning or evening activities. Be compassionate towards yourself, even the slightest change will bring you forward. Try 10 to 60 minute-long yoga lessons, workout and meditation classes of the Finnish online coaching company Yogaia! At Yogaia, you can find a suitable workout for both calm and intense training. We now offer our members Yogaia online workouts for half the price!

Book your sustainable domestic summer holiday now!

Summer is coming, are you ready? There are wonderful holiday destinations in Finland, where you can travel and relax without worry. How about a staycation in the Kämp Collection luxury hotel in Helsinki, a summer in Lapland at Santa's Hotels surrounded by stunning nature and national parks or at the Holiday Club Villas locations all over Finland?

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