Newsletter October 30th 2020

Together we have power – participate in competitive shared purchase of electricity supply contracts!

Are you already waiting for the winter and cold weather? The heating season is starting, and you may be thinking about the electricity bills. You can save in electricity costs by joining our shared request for competitive bidding! In a large crowd even small electricity consumption counts, as we can get a lower price with shared high volume. Participate in the Porukassa offer request organised by our partner by 2 December!

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”Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I got to start studies in the autumn."

"I believe that I received the study place largely thanks to the YTK grant and the preparation course paid with it. Thanks a million, this is a new beginning in the field of information technology. Regards, Joel”

We wanted to share with you a positive example of how new opportunities may open up in unexpected places despite the uncertain times. Last autumn we gave out #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grants for the development of own expertise, and Joel was one of the recipients of the grant.

Lauri got legal assistance quickly when everything did not go right at work

Especially in challenging situations in the working life it’s good to remember that you have at your disposal a legal expenses insurance in case of disputes that covers handling of civil and criminal cases related to employment in the private or public sector. For example, Lauri got legal assistance in a difficult case of termination of employment thanks to the legal expenses insurance.​​​​​​​

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