Newsletter September 17th 2019

Member of YTK Association, apply now for a #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grant

Members of the YTK Association can apply for a #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grant. The grant can be given for a course, coaching or training that promotes or maintains the applicant’s expertise and employment. The application is open now and will continue until 31 October 2019. You will find more information on applying for a grant on our Finnish-language website.

18 September is the Day of Opportunities!

Identifying and developing your own expertise and rejoicing about the opportunities offered by your expertise are important things which we want to encourage in everyone regardless of their educational background or occupation. We think that these important themes deserve more attention.

Thus we now declare 18 September the Day of Opportunities! The #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grant is part of the festivities of the first Day of Opportunities.

Read more about finding opportunities and check out the inspiring stories on our website!

The campaign is only arranged in Finnish.

Benefit for the first 500

Do you want to find more significance in your work? Mazhr is an empowering service and pathfinder in the changed working life. It helps to build your personal lifelong career path and find ourselves – and each other. The first 500 combined members of YTK can now take Mazhr’s two employment psychology tests free of charge (regular price ca. € 40). To get a better overall picture we recommend that you take both tests, Personality and Behaviour + Values and Motivation.

Redeem the benefit by 30 September as follows:

  • Sign up and log in the service at             
  • Choose both tests separately on the Tests page and enter the codes
    • Personality and Behaviour: ytkmazhr-2019pt
    • Values and Motivation: ytkmazhr-2019am
  • When you redeem the benefit, you should reserve around 15 minutes per test for completing it.
  • If the code is rejected, it means that unfortunately you were not among the first 500.

Remember to use the benefits of complete members:

The Association offers you insurances for work and leisure time and benefits and discounts from our partners. 

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