Newsletter September 2 2020

Upcoming webinars

This year the autumn means a new beginning in many different ways than before. Did you return to remote working or studying or are you looking for a completely new direction? We have compiled for you a diverse selection of webinars for the autumn to provide support in the working life and the development of your own expertise – please choose the ones suited to you!

Note! The webinars are held in Finnish.

How to make use of your LinkedIn profile in job-seeking?

How to create an attractive LinkedIn profile? How to stand out positively from the other LinkedIn users? You are welcome to hear LinkedIn guru Pipsa Aro’s guidelines on how to make use of your LinkedIn profile in job-seeking!

4 September LinkedIn I (in Finnish)

In the LinkedIn I webinar you will learn:

  • to set up your own LinkedIn account if you do not yet have one
  • to complete you your LinkedIn profile in a goal-oriented way
  • how to optimise your profile for search engines to be found by recruiters
  • and much more!

Time: Friday 4 September 2020 from 9.00-10.30.

18 September LinkedIn II  (in Finnish)​​​​​​​

In the second session of Pipsa’s webinar you will learn about: networking, activity, and posts that work in LinkedIn.

Time: Friday 18 September 2020 from 9.00-10.30.

Save the dates! More webinars for you

How to stand out in job-seeking, 30 September

How to shine out in job-seeking and career planning. Training is provided by coach and career planning consultant Antero Ojanaho

ABC of career design, 6 October

How to promote your own career through design. Training is provided by Workday Designers, an agency for designing of the working life.

More information about these will be provided later, follow our communication!

Note! The webinars are held in Finnish.

Insurance benefit kept Markus smiling even after an accident

Do you remember that you have a leisure-time accident insurance in case of unexpected incidents? Markus, for example, saved a great deal of money in dental repair thanks to the insurance.

“The membership has been all plusses to me, as I am saving about two thousand euros for just one new tooth!”

Read more about how the insurances have helped the members in accident cases and how things have eventually turned out.

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