Newsletter September 8

What do work, life and fitness mean to you?

How about combining all three? Professional well-being means holistic well-being and having a sense of meaning at work, which helps you stay active and energetic in your professional life. Studies show that work is one of the most important sources of meaning in people’s lives. When you feel good and enjoy your job, you are more likely to feel good about your life in general. Good professional well-being also helps your work community and the people you love. When you feel better, everyone around you feels better. 

Boost your professional well-being with us! We have set a few easy steps for you: 

“The future forces us to become beginners – what skills will we need?” asks Perttu Pölönen

In the “4T Summit – Tunteet, taidot, työelämä, tulevaisuus” online event on 14 September at 14–16.30, futurist Perttu Pölönen, investigative non-fiction author Henkka Hyppönen and researcher Kirsi Polvinen from the Academy of Philosophy help us understand how we can stay curious, inspired and healthy in a rapidly evolving working life. 4T Summit is a free event open to everyone.

Open the online education library and win a 100€ GOGIFT gift card!  

When you register as a user of the Eduhouse online education library through OMA+ between September 8 and October 31, 2022, you will be included in the draw for a GoGift super gift card worth €100 (2 pcs).  

With thousands of free online courses for YTK Association members you maintain your working condition easily and efficiently, so sign up now! 

Take advantage of the free wellness webinars by Kaisa and Joni Jaakkola from Optimal Performance

Top professionals in their field, Kaisa and Joni Jaakkola help you make smart lifestyle choices with their free online lectures on a variety of wellbeing-related themes. You will find information to increase your understanding and practical lessons that can be easily applied to your everyday life to support your health and well-being.

Choose Kaisa’s new live webinars, Joni’s recordings or everything!

At the request of our members, Kaisa’s October and November lectures will take a deep dive into recovery on 13 October, better sleep on 26 October, flexible mindsets on 10 November and sustainable changes on 23 November.

You can watch recordings of Joni’s spring lectures in the OMA+ service until the end of 2022. Joni teaches you the basics of good health and well-being – sleep, nutrition and physical activity – and tells you how you can build good habits to be more energetic in your everyday life.

Continuous learning has become a career mantra 

When you take a look at how fast the world is changing and how people are trying to navigate it, it is easy to understand why. Fortunately, many people are already aware of the constant need to acquire new skills. In the YTK spring membership survey, 60% of respondents estimated that they will need new skills or knowledge in the next few years. On the other hand, it is completely understandable that in the middle of all the duties and commitments of everyday life, a webinar, professional development book or training can take second place. If you feel that clarifying what things are the most meaningful to you would help you with learning, keep reading!

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