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Not in all modesty – 5+1 reasons why your expertise visible is worth making visible

In the past, professional branding was synonymous with a CV. Today, there are more channels and ways than ever for presenting one’s expertise. Read what tips doctoral researcher and lecturer Kati Koivunen gives on why building a professional brand is important, whether you are a manager, expert or employee.

  1. Your employability improves

    “Many studies show that branding your professional skills directly affects employability, in other words the value that employers feel you can add as an employee. This, of course, is directly linked to the number and quality or job opportunities.”

  2. You get to know yourself and your skills better

    “When building your professional brand, you really need to think hard about your strengths, values and goals. Studies show that this improves job satisfaction and motivation as well as a number of career skills such as time management, self-management and networking. Each of these significantly helps increase employability.”

  3. Social capital also helps grow financial capital

    “When your name is recognised and your ideas are valued within your field, a positive feedback loop is created and people will want to work with you. Usually, this also results in financial benefits as you have more job opportunities to choose from and can demand better pay or rewards.”

  4. You become more valuable to your organisation

    “Businesses and organisations benefit from professionals who are valued in their field. They facilitate contact with partners and the sharing of information, increase trust and act as the organisation’s face in a way that is approachable to customers, for example.”

  5. You build trust

    “Today, careers are fragmented and involve working with people in all manner of configurations. It’s a huge advantage if others are aware of your expertise. Trust with new people is formed faster and cooperation becomes easier.”

+1. You find hidden jobs

Increasingly, hiring is done through networks and direct searches, no matter the industry and qualifications. Many job openings are never made public at all. Potential employees can also offer their expertise even when there are no open positions. A strong professional brand is a big advantage when it comes to finding hidden jobs.”

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Specialist, researcher, lecturer Kati Koivunen has been interviewed for this case.

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