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Notable addition to your membership services: Receive the help of a lawyer to personally solve your employment problems

In the future, you will receive even more support and security from the YTK Association in the event of problems in working life. At the beginning of the year, we launched the 'Lakikaveri' service, which now allows you to get personal help from a lawyer who is familiar with employment matters.

In working life, you can meet difficult situations, but you don't have to deal with them alone, as our new Lakikaveri service will help you. Under the Lakikaveri package, you will receive legal telephone advice, an extensive employment data bank and a chatbot, as well as legal expenses insurance, all of which have already been included in your membership services. In addition to these, the whole has now been complemented by a personal lawyer's investigation service.

This service is one of the biggest investments in our history! In practice, the new service means that a lawyer from our partner OpusLex's legal team can take on your employment matter – such as unpaid wages or ambiguities related to the termination of employment: they will find out whether the matter has been acted upon incorrectly and, depending on the situation, take the matter further.

A lawyer can take to settle cases that have occurred after you have been a member of ours for at least 6 months. However, we will no longer be able deal with cases older than those in 2021.

"The threshold for seeking help was really low"

We tested the lawyer's investigation service last year, and we already gained experience in nearly 600 cases. The feedback we have received from you has been very positive! Here are some examples:

"The threshold for seeking help was very low when I received help free of charge from my own association. With this legal help, I was able to improve my own situation considerably”

"I received an permanent employment contract thanks to a letter from a lawyer. I'm really happy with the service." 

Ilona Kangas, Director of the YTK Association, hopes that the Lakikaveri service will help with the big and small twists and turns of working life.
"We want to continuously expand our services and help our members in difficult situations. Fortunately, only a relatively small number of employees are affected by unfortunate employment problems – but when the situation comes along, the help of an expert lawyer is needed," Kangas says. 

How can I use the Lakikaveri service?

The comprehensive Lakikaveri package is included as such in the annual fee of the YTK Association, which is 22 € this year. You will have access to a lawyer's investigation service, which is part of the Lakikaveri service, after you have been a member of the YTK Association for 6 months. Phone helplines, data banks and chatbots are available to you immediately. The terms of the legal expenses insurance are determined by the insurance company.

How do I receive help from the Lakikaveri service?

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If you have a job or employment issue or a question, you can take the following steps:

  1. Check whether the answer could be found in the Lakikaveri's extensive data bank or if the chatbot could answer.
  2. Call the Lakikaveri telephone helpline. A lawyer of OpusLex will respond and help the best they can.
  3. If the advice of the telephone helpline is not sufficient, the lawyer will find out whether the case can be covered by the Lakikaveri investigation service.
  4. If the conditions of the investigation and settlement service are met, the lawyer will take the matter forward as required by the situation, seeking a settlement.
  5. If no settlement is found, the case may continue to be dealt with through the legal expenses insurance.

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