Precaution and foresight are assets in working life

Precaution is the best way to prepare for the turns and potential challenges of working life and employment relationships. The new Lakikaveri legal service is here to help you in employment matters. In addition, you receive numerous free coachings and valuable membership benefits for your job search and career. Read more about how we help you with the unexpected changes in working life!

In early 2022, we significantly expanded the legal support and security of our members. The new Lakikaveri legal service allows members to receive a lawyer's investigation services in the event of a dispute in working life. Previously, the association's membership has included an employment counselling helpline, an extensive data bank and bot, as well as professional liability and legal expenses insurance.

- The Lakikaveri legal service can help a member in the case of unpaid wages, bullying at work, suspicion of unlawful dismissal or confusion about the terms of the employment contract or employment relationship, for example. It is important that professional help is available if necessary and that a settlement is found as early as possible for disagreements, says Ilona Kangas, Director of the YTK Association.

The Lakikaveri service is offered by the YTK Association in cooperation with the OpusLex network of attorneys.

In addition to legal protection, we help our members to develop their professional skills and maintain job search and working life skills so that working life can be met with confidence. Precaution is the best way to protect yourself and cope with challenging situations.

During spring, we will organize new LinkedIn trainings with Juho Toivola, working life psychologist and recruitment trainer, as well as a "Ask the Recruiter" live events in cooperation with recruitment consultant Johanna Valovirta.

In addition, we offer thousands of online training courses free of charge to our members in the Online Training Library of Working Life, free of charge job search and career coaching and, for example, career design at a reduced price.

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