Q and A: Online training library for working life

All included in your membership fee - you don't pay extra 

All recordings in the eLearning Library and distance learning are included in your combined YTK membership. So with your 24 € annual membership fee, you get access to the full range of Eduhouse training (worth 147 €/month). So none of the content in the online training library costs you anything. Just make sure you are registered as a user via OMA+ and browse the selection while logged in. 

Distance learning is also included in the deal 

In addition to the online training library, you can also participate in distance learning courses free of charge. Distance learning courses range in value from hundreds to over a thousand euros, but for you as a combined member of YTK, they are included in your 24 € membership fee.  

Interactive distance learning is only available live 

Most of these time-bound distance learning sessions are not recorded. Only the public administration training and the current events will be recorded for later viewing. However, most of the distance learning topics are also available online, so we recommend browsing the offer: you will most likely find interesting content among the recordings! 

Registration is required to access the service 

To access the eLearning library and participate in distance learning courses free of charge, you need to register as a user. Luckily, it's easy!  

Just do this: 

  1. Log in to OMA+ and click on the Webinars and trainings tab. 
  2. Tick the consent box, which will activate the registration link and take you to the Eduhouse website to complete your registration free of charge. 
  3. There you go! The thousands of training courses in the eLearning library are now at your fingertips! 

Remember to log in before you look 

As with any streaming service or audiobook application, access to the content of the eLearning Library is only available to registered users who have logged in with their username and password. So to view training courses and register for distance learning, always log in first.   

Tell us your training preferences     

Eduhouse is a service provider that regularly responds to requests for training from our members. So feel free to leave your own at Eduhouse's customer service [email protected].  

It's a service that fits in with your busy life ​​​​​​​

The training courses are broken down into small sections so that even the busiest of you can watch - or even listen while driving or jogging - to the occasional on-the-spot training session. The training library is one of our most appreciated member services. Here's feedback from one satisfied member: 

"Well-packaged packages. Although the overall duration is long, the segmentation helps you keep going. All the ones I've watched have really good presenters and training materials."

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