Savings and boost for the autumn with new membership benefits

As the autumn is proceeding, we want to offer you again many new and inspiring membership benefits to help you stay stronger and more alert in the winds of the working life. Make use of the autumn’s new membership benefits for developing your expertise, well-being, and exercise, as well as travelling in everyday life and at leisure!

We are continuously developing our membership benefits to correspond better to the needs and wishes of our members. The autumn has brought on so many new, useful, and nice things that we wanted to compile you a list of the numerous valuable benefits that are yours for a fee of just 18 euros per year. You are welcome to use the benefits!

Help with job-seeking and career

Participate in new, free-of-charge online coaching by leaders of their field!

Developing your own expertise and updating the working life skills is now even easier and more fun with Eduhouse online training. Search for new inspiration from new, captivating speakers and keep your most important capital up to date!

So why not use the benefit worth hundreds of euros included in the membership of the YTK Association now, as we will have a raffle among all members who have registered in the training library through OMA+ by 30 November 2021 and give out 3 pairs of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones (value € 199) with which you can easily listen to the online trainings anywhere and anytime!

Register as a user through OMA+

Rules of the raffle

Support for your well-being

Recreation in high-quality hotels and spas at an affordable price

To counterbalance work we want to help you look after your well-being in a comprehensive manner. So when you’re planning holidays or business trips, keep in mind the membership benefits for hotels and spas all over Finland! You will surely find the right one for you among these offers, whether you are planning to bathe and be pampered in the Holiday Club resorts, Naantali, Ruissalo or Ikaalinen. How about a city holiday in a luxury hotel in Helsinki? Or would you like to head to Lapland to enjoy calming nature in Santa’s Hotels resorts or Ylläs?

See all your spa and hotel benefits here!

Train your body and mind

When you look after the well-being of both your body and mind, you will also have more strength at work and maintain balance in surprising turns of life. So, remember your exercise benefits that you can easily use anywhere and anytime, such as Yogaia’s online training.

Everyday savings

Your latest membership benefit for sustainable travelling

Would you like to go by car to a business trip or holiday, but the costs and environmental impacts of your own car make you think? Take a safe and low-emission trip by a Green Motion rental car and use your new membership benefit, 15% discount on the price of the day in Finland. You will get the biggest benefit when you book well ahead of time –so act soon!

Read more here!

All this and much more for just 18 euros per year

If you are not yet a member, join now!

The membership of the YTK Association includes professional liability and legal expenses insurance, leisure-time accident insurance, and legal advice for employment relationships. In addition, you will get numerous membership benefits for job-seeking and career, development of expertise, well-being and travelling, as well as other everyday savings!

Check out all membership benefits of the YTK Association here!

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YTK Association also provides legal help with employment relationship issues

What is the YTK Association?

Unemployment security and daily allowance issues are handled by the General Unemployment Fund YTK

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