Students' newsletter 8.6.2021

We want to congratulate you! The past year with all the restrictions and remote activities was certainly not the easiest, but now we have successfully put it behind us! That’s why we are tipping our virtual hat to all students who made it through the rainy autumn, long winter and ordeals of the spring amidst the uncertainty and lonely Zoom lectures. You have achieved something valuable by accumulating your own expertise. Now is finally the time to take a break from the studies for a while and enjoy the summer!


We wrote this letter to remind you about a couple of important things:

  1. Summer jobs and unemployment fund
  2. YTK Association’s membership benefits for the summer

Join the unemployment fund as soon as you start work

As a student member of the YTK Association you are not a member of the unemployment fund. And without a membership of the unemployment fund you will not ensure that you will receive higher daily allowance in case of unemployment or lay-off or alongside part-time employment.

So when you get a job, even while still studying, you should also join YTK unemployment fund to start accumulating the condition regarding employment required for earnings-related security during your studies! The membership of YTK is a smart investment in your own future and will secure you, if everything does not go quite as planned.

These membership benefits will be fun and useful in the summer

  1. Advisory services on employment relationships will help you, if you are wondering about something at your summer workplace or in the employment contract. Through the telephone service you can contact lawyers of Opuslex network of attorneys at the price of a normal telephone charge. Or you can ask for advice from Sulo, the chatbot on our website that knows a great deal about employment issues! You will find help for employment issues here.
  2. Come rain or shine, accident insurance will cover you!
    Summer is the greatest – here we go road trips, sunsets and spontaneous dips into the lake or sea! Wherever you roam, we will cover you: the membership includes a leisure time accident insurance that will compensate your medical costs in case of unexpected accidents all over the world. So you can enjoy the summer adventures without worries and let yourself go with the warmth and freedom! Read more about the accident insurance.
  3. Trips abroad will have to wait, but as a member of the Association you can book a wonderful staycation holiday in Finland at an affordable members’ price! See all hotel benefits.
  4. And if you grow tired of the motorboat noise or mosquito whine, put on your headphones and listen to some interesting business literature in Alma Talent’s book app or guidelines for working life skills in the online training library, or play with language on WordDive. See all benefits for developing your expertise. ​​​​​​​

Are you dreaming of a profession that is hard to explain to older generations?

Many new professions are associated with myths and false assumptions. Such as esports. You have certainly come across people who think that those playing esports are heavy users of energy drinks and junk food, and freaks who lock themselves in dark rooms. To put it bluntly.

We decided to bust the myths and learn about new professions through one concrete example. Together with Kova Esports we created #ammattinaesport (esport as profession) in which we learn more about the work of a professional player and streamer, and how Lauri ”Pietola” Hietanen and Teemu ”Spamned” Rissanen ended up in their dream jobs.

The highlight of the co-operation is the 6-episode documentary series, the first episode of which was released on 31 May, the next one will come out on 14 June and the rest in the autumn. On the website you will find the documentary series as well as all other materials produced by us, such as e.g. the Esport–Finnish glossary and a reaction speed game in which you can test your own skills and participate in monthly raffles!

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