Support and membership benefits for the twists and turns of working life even in times of uncertainty

Mirva Puranen, Development Manager, Working Life Services

Lay-offs and unemployment have increased during the coronavirus pandemic. Planning a career and maintaining job search skills are things that everyone can influence in this turmoil themselves. If you are laid off or become unemployed, it is easier to get up after stumbling and continue the journey when you already have the tools in your pocket.

We recently asked all our members in the unemployment fund survey for estimates of the development of their own employment situation. Based on some 25,000 responses, we estimate that a new spike in lay-offs is coming in the next few weeks. Unemployment has also risen considerably during the coronavirus pandemic. Concern for our members has characterised what we do also here at the YTK Association. 

We've been living with the pandemic for a year now. There is a lot about the situation that is impossible for the individual to influence themselves. There are limitations, instructions, changes and quarantines. But there's also a lot that's in everyone's own hands. One of these is planning one's own career and maintaining and expanding job search skills. We have talked a lot about preparedness in our communications recently. The skills I mentioned can be seen as an individual's own preparedness for their future. If you are laid off or become unemployed, it is easier to get up after stumbling and continue the journey when you already have the tools in your pocket.  

To get yourself these tools, I gathered information about some of our services for you, and I also give tips on what kind of situation I think the service is best suited for. I hope you find yours and get a little more support amid the uncertainty.

Support for job search and career planning

Comprehensive job search online training is part of your membership and you can take advantage of it when job search seems difficult. The service is particularly useful if your job search skills have rusted or job search is now relevant for you for the first time. Our partner Cimson provides you with a truly versatile range of job search topics. At the same time, you also get tools to identify and given words your own competence and strengths. A more experienced job seeker can update their skills and choose the sections of training where they want to improve. And best of all, Cimson's coach will help you individually during the course! 

During my career, I have had the pleasure of helping countless jobseekers untie knots and find their dream jobs. I have noticed that the hardest part of finding a job is to identify and give words to your competence and strengths. Even if your job search skills are otherwise in order, it's hard to tell about yourself if you can't really describe what you’re good at. If you recognise yourself from the description, I recommend to you the certified job personality and motivation tests offered by our partner Mazhr. They help you increase your self-awareness and learn to describe yourself in a variety of ways. 

Many people have also thought about bigger changes in their career during the coronavirus pandemic. When uncertainty rocks a boat that used to feel so safe, thoughts may shift to completely new horizons. If you're thinking about a change of field or a change of direction and are perhaps experiencing uncertainty about your career, our partner Workday Designers' online career design course is for you.  

For those who need people to talk to and peer support, I recommend our Virittämö group on Facebook. The group's nearly 1,000 members help each other in different situations that working life throws in front of them. Join us and boldly open up a discussion about a topic that concerns you.  

We here at the association want to provide you with the necessary tools to make you feel more confident in the changes of your working life. We believe that in our selection you will find the right service for you. And if you can't find it, you'll let me know, won't you? After all, we are happy to carry out the wishes of our members. 

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