The ultimate meaning of existence

Ilona Kangas, Director of Marketing and Communications

Time is the best messenger of change, regardless of whether 15 hours, 15 days or 15 years have passed. Or a century. A child born 15 hours ago has already made two people a mother and father. In two weeks in March last year a virus conquered the world, and in 15 years e.g., the share of women in the Boards of Directors of listed companies has increased to stand at 36 per cent in Finland. And 1500 years ago – well, at least they did not have TikTok.

The YTK Association started operations almost 15 years ago to the day, in 2005. The reason for establishing the association is found among the members of the General Unemployment Fund YTK: they wished for a legal expenses insurance in the surveys conducted. As the fund is an unemployment fund and can only offer statutory benefits to its members, an idea emerged to establish a separate association for the members of the fund to provide additional cover. So that’s how we got started, from the needs of our members. The wish has taken us far – over a period of 15 years some 230,000 Finnish employees have joined the association. I believe we are one of the biggest associations in Finland.

Once we got up to speed, things began to develop further and soon the legal expenses insurance was complemented with a leisure-time accident insurance from which around 800 of our members received indemnities last year.

Sulo won’t learn without Sofia

In 2014, we expanded the services further: legal advice to the members. Also, this week, every day from Monday to Thursday, the lawyers of the OpusLex network of attorneys answer our members’ questions concerning employment relationships. The service is popular and useful. Thousands of people get assistance and advice from competent professionals. In 2019, the real-life lawyers were joined by Sulo which is a bot specialised in employment relationship issues. The advantage of Sulo is that it can serve hundreds of users simultaneously. Last year Sulo gave a total of 24,000 answers. Well, Sulo can’t learn by itself yet, but is taught by our lawyer trainee Sofia Härmä.

Our Association has grown and developed in 15 years, and we want that to continue. The working life is rarely unchanging, but the development of information technology inevitably keeps all of us busy. Each of us must be at least a little interested in what they can do, how they could learn more and in what kind of working life they see themselves a couple years from now. These skills can and should be developed. That’s why we believe that we can help our members to succeed by offering insurance cover as well as tips, ideas, inspiration and practical skills for managing the changes in the working life.

Re-route yourself

This year we can also be the best restructuring protection troops in your working life. It may not be easy to you, but you will surely learn. The change is not achieved by participating in as many seminars as possible, but by understanding what you can do with their offerings in your own life. Such changes do not always feel just pleasant. Thoughts clash when completely new routings emerge in your head alongside old habits. Sometimes you whole life may take a new direction.

Start the change by considering what you want to learn, and see whether you could find it in the Association’s range of services that has been evolving for 15 years. If you can’t find it, it will surely be needed by many others as well during the next 15 years, so let’s add it on the list of items for development. The ultimate meaning of existence is here: getting inspired by change.

Ilona Kangas, Director of Marketing and Communications

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