Updating your competence and know-how is a vital working life skill – see our tips for self-motivated studying!

Competence and strengths are two different things. Both are needed in working life and it is good to define and identify both. As working life changes all the time, the requirements change and are frequently updated. The pressure of regeneration is also directed at competence and skills. Maintaining one's own competence is indeed a vital skill for the employee and job seeker, which is worth nurturing on a regular basis. Read our blog for tips on how to develop your general competence and remember to use your member benefits that support learning!

How do I identify competence? Is it that I know how to be creative and friendly, or that I know how to use Excel, master mySQL and the first aid course has completed? It's all that and more. Competence is a set of basic working life skills, such as an enthusiastic attitude and willingness to learn, initiative, interaction skills and teamwork skills. Punctuality and sociality are working life skills, too, which can be developed. Future working life skills include more complex concepts such as complex problem solving, emotional intelligence, service orientation and cognitive flexibility.

Special expertise is a competence that has had to be studied a little bit longer: playing the cello, medical care, installer or welding skills, acute medicine or mastery of the JavaScript language.

OK, so I know something similar to the things mentioned above, but how can I complement and refine my competence, and where could I conveniently get a solution for it? Next, we will present different ways to reinforce your competence on a general level. And at the same time, of course, we also want to remind you of the member benefits that support learning!

Google Digital Academy

What would life be without Google? It sounds a little one-sided, but Google's position in the western countries is, at least for the time being, rather insurmountable. It is used to find almost all information, from work to food, hobbies, health and the purpose of life. Google knows this and also helps those who want to learn more about their service and get more out of the world's most powerful data source.

Google's most practical training package is called Google Digital Garage. With the help of the service, digital skills are adopted and competence is strengthened in a controlled manner. For example, the training for digital marketing basics enables you to familiarize yourself with the basics of digital marketing. The information it provides allows you to advance your own business or career. After completing the training, you will also receive a certificate that concretely indicates your specific competence as part of your CV. Digital Garage also offers a number of other online courses related to career or technology. It is possible to tailor them based on narrow or extensive skills levels.

It's a good idea to check out the deeper expertise offered by Google on the Think With Google page, where you can find expert and digital competence-strengthening content.

Entertaining learning environments

Learning can be fun and even entertaining – although the image of learning can be of that of excruciating studying, reading books and diligent underlining, as well as physical and mechanical exercises, at least for the older generation. Today's digital applications and platforms contain a lot of learning elements, but they can look and feel like games, Netflix series, or a new thrilling social media service.

Want to learn a language? The uncomplicated and compelling Duolingo is one of the most popular and growing apps for learning a language in a very game-like and addictive environment. With the help of the app, the promise is to achieve even lower mid-level language skills.

Member benefit: WordDive language courses

Start learning a whole new language or take your language skills to a new level with the WordDive mobile app. An AI-based, award-winning app that helps you quickly learn real-life language skills.

Everyone is talking about audiobooks and podcasts these days, which are a great way to listening while doing somethings else and even to educate oneself. It's like changing a candy for a carrot. Car trips, walking trips and gym workouts are double-efficient when you throw your headphones in your ears and let the text and speech take you away. Even a good old book still stands the test of time. Self-help books referring to learning and competence have been growing enormously in recent years, although it has to be said that some of them are just for entertainment and light self-therapy. At best, they can be used to genuinely learn. They can also help you look at your own life from other perspectives.

Videos! That's the way it is, if you've been able to read everything until now, I think you're already in the premier league. Viewing pictures and all kinds of Youtube tutorial videos are unimaginably popular, and obviously effective. Learning with videos is becoming more common, and no wonder. With stream services, TV shows and series having taken some giant leaps in their quality, so have various trainings in the form of videos and multidimensional content.

MasterClass is a rather valuable online video training series, but its teachers are world famous, from top writers to chefs, architects and business influencers. Masterclass teachers share the secrets of their own competence and also give perfectly practical instructions, from gardening to macroeconomics or from photography to playing the ukulele.

A somewhat similar learning platform is Domestika, which is specifically aimed at people developing their creativity. With a course cost of approximately 10 € you can get not only a series of lectures, but also the right exercises and, if necessary, guiding feedback.

You may have heard of TED conferences or TED videos. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. There will be high-flying topics, but with so much material and perspectives, TED videos will ensure that by wading through them, you can learn and improve your skills and competence at least in your general knowledge.

The Academy of Brain is one of the online training academies, and it provides training especially for developing the brain and mental skills: in the end, recovery and resilience are skills that can be developed, as well.

Member benefit: Thousands of free trainings in the Online Training Library for Working Life

During the first few months, our members have already watched over 2,000 different course videos, ranging from Excel skills to time management. Join the smart crowd of learners, it's easy and free of charge! There are plenty of videos offered in English as well.

Attend virtual university courses

Coursera from the US is a commercial company whose idea is to offer courses organised by different universities. The background is a cooperation agreements with universities and Coursera. The courses are open online course and, best of all, they are free of charge for registered users.

Coursera is certainly American-driven, but already two-thirds of those who use the services and courses come from outside the United States. Coursera makes it possible to complete various degrees and also to obtain official entries and apprenticeships.


This article is part of the #työelämänkäänteissä series of new articles in which we deal with working life and help our members succeed in its changes.

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