Winners of Opportunity grants selected: YTK Association supports the development of potential of its members with 10,000 euros

The winners of the YTK Association’s #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grant have been selected. Launched on the Day of Opportunities on 18 September 2019, the grant application was open for the past autumn. The YTK Association is giving its members a total of 10,000 euros as grants for studies related to the development or maintenance of own expertise, the purpose of which is to increase the opportunities to find a job or get along in the current job.

”We received a huge number of applications, more than 800, and the applicants had really made an effort with them. So our jury was faced with a difficult decision, but above all we wanted to develop the potential of people from different points of view”, says Ilona Kangas, Director, Customers and Communications at YTK Association.

Ms Kangas is particularly happy about how thoroughly the applicants had pondered about their own expertise and development, and were able to concretely describe what kind of expertise the new opportunities require.

12 stories from different fields

A total of 12 #MinussaOnMahdollisuuksia grants were given to 12 different people in 12 different fields ranging from social work to positions of a researcher and mechanic. Grants were given e.g. for further training courses to support the changing of the line of business or a leap from a leisure activity to a profession, and for learning concrete new skills to help in finding a job or expanding the opportunities in the current job.

”There are many different paths in the working life, and sometimes you pass through crossroads or need to jump over ditches. We want to be there to support you precisely at these turning points and help people to find their own direction”, Ms Kangas sums up.

Further information: 
Director, Customers and Communications
Ilona Kangas 
[email protected] 
p. 050 590 7853 

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