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YTK Association to change its name to YTK Worklife

The YTK Association is changing its name to YTK Worklife. A decision on the matter has already been made at the annual meeting of the YTK Association and you will soon see the changes on our website. The official name will be YTK Worklife.

The name change is related to the development of the YTK brand. In the future, we want to strengthen the YTK brand so that everyone has an even clearer idea of what services they get from where. Members of the YTK Unemployment Fund are entitled to earnings-related security, but they may also receive work life services, which are provided by YTK Worklife.

We want work life services to be services offered at a smart price that are useful in everyone's working life. We also want to develop services to offer more diverse security.

At the moment, YTK work life services include, for example, the extensive Lakikaveri legal service (legal expenses insurance, legal advice and lawyer's services), the Online Training Library for Working Life, leisure time accident insurance and many other useful entities for an annual fee of only 22 euros.

With the name change, the logo will also change to a green YTK ball. Both name and logo changes will appear in our communications little by little.

The General Unemployment Fund YTK is now YTK Unemployment Fund

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