YTK Association provides combined members and student members with additional security and services related to employment

We provide security and support for your individual career regardless of the field.

The YTK Association was founded in 2005 to improve the professional, social and legal benefits of its members. The Association offers you a legal expenses insurance, vocational general liability insurance, and leisure time accident insurance, as well as access to legal advice on employment relationships from a lawyer by telephone.

In addition, we offer you different opportunities for improving your preconditions for job-seeking. You can study independently online using a free of charge video coaching library or buy personal career coaching at a members’ price. 

  • You can be a member of the YTK Association either through a combined membership or a student membership.

    Combined membership means that you are a member of both General unemployment fund YTK and the YTK Association. As a member of the unemployment fund you will secure earnings-related benefits e.g. in case of unemployment, and as a member of the Association you can use all the member benefits ranging from legal advice on employment relationships to a leisure time accident insurance.

    As a student you can join the YTK Association without being a member of the unemployment fund. If you work alongside studies, it pays to choose the combined membership. Only as a member of an unemployment fund you can accumulate the right to earnings-related daily allowance. It is worthwhile to join the unemployment fund if you work at least 18 hours per week. Read more about earnings-related daily allowance.

  • The membership fee of the YTK Association is for a calendar year. The membership fee for 2021 is 18 euros. The membership fee shall be paid in full, regardless of at what the time of the year you join or resign from the Association.

    The first membership fee invoice shall be posted straight after the approval of the membership application. In the future the membership fee invoice will be sent in January. When you pay the first invoice, we recommend you to make an e-invoice authorisation for the YTK Association, and you will then receive the next invoices directly to your online bank.

    An unpaid membership fee will result in termination of the membership, and the insurance cover provided by the Association will also end. So remember to pay your membership fee on time.

  • The highest power of decision in the YTK Association is exercised by the Annual Meeting of the Association which elects the Board of Director and Chairman. The Board of Directors elects the Vice Chairman among themselves and appoints a secretary for the Board of Directors.

    Board of Directors of the YTK Association 
    Junno Roine (ordförande)
    Auli Hänninen
    Maija Soininen
    Mervi Airaksinen
    Mikko-Pekka Hanski
    Veera Svahn

    Management of the YTK Association 

    Ilona Kangas, Customer Relations and Communications Director 
    Maarit Ojala, Customer Manager


  • Rules of the YTK Association

    Registered on 22 November 2019

    1 § Name and domicile of the association
    The name of the association is YTK-Yhdistys ry (YTK Association) and its domicile is the town of Loimaa.

    2 § Purpose and activities of the association
    The YTK Association is referred to as “Association” in these rules.

    The Association supervises and improves the general and common professional, social, financial and legal interests of its members, and develops their collaboration.

    The Association follows legislation and development of society and presents proposals and initiatives, and issues statements. The Association helps its members by providing advice and benefits in issues related to private and public sector employment, leisure and professional development.

    The Association can guide and advise its members in issues related to the working life through information services and by organising meetings, advisory events, and training. To support its activities the Association can accept donations through last wills and testaments and otherwise, own fixed and movable property necessary for its operations, and implement lotteries and collecting of funds after receiving an appropriate permission. The Association can also give out grants to its members for individual coaching.

    3 § Members
    Any clerical employee or worker who is or joins as a member of General Unemployment Fund YTK, lives in Finland and works in gainful employment, and approves the purpose and rules of the Association can join as a member of the Association. In addition, the Association can accepts as its members students living in Finland. The Association can also have companies and corporations as supporting members.

    The members are accepted on application by the Board of the Association.

    4 § Resigning and dismissal of a member
    A member has the right to resign from the Association by informing the Board of Directors or its chairman thereof in writing or informing about the resignation in a meeting of the Association. A member shall be dismissed from the Association, if he/she has not paid an overdue membership fee or has resigned or been dismissed from the membership of the General Unemployment Fund YTK or otherwise failed to fulfil the obligations to which he/she has committed himself/herself by joining the Association, or has through his/her actions in the Association or outside it caused considerable damage to the Association, or no longer fulfils the conditions of the  membership set in the law or the rules of the Association. The decision on dismissal shall be made by the Board of Directors.

    5 § Membership fee
    The amount of the annual membership fee collected from the members shall be decided on by the annual meeting of the Association. The Association may have different classes of membership fee in accordance with the service concepts offered to the members.

    6 § Board of Directors
    The operations of the Association are run by the Board of Directors which comprises of the chairman and 2–5 other members elected in the annual meeting. The term of the chairman and other members of the Board of Directors is three calendar years. Either zero, one or two other members of Board of Directors shall resign annually. Those to resign shall be first decided by drawing of lots, and later they shall take turns in resigning.

    The Board of Directors shall elect a deputy chairman among themselves and appoint a secretary and other necessary officials either among themselves or from the outside. The Board of Directors shall convene by invitation of the chairman or, if he/she is prevented, the deputy chairman, when they see a reason for it or when so demanded by a minimum of half of the members of the Board of Directors.

    The Board of Directors constitutes a quorum when the chairman or deputy chairman and two other members are present. Votings shall be decided by a single majority. If the votes are divided evenly, the chairman’s vote shall decide, but elections shall be decided by drawing of lots if the votes are divided evenly.

    7 § Signing for the Association
    The Association shall be signed for by the chairman, deputy chairman or secretary of the Board of Directors or another person appointed by the Board of Directors, two persons together.

    8 § Financial year and auditing
    The financial year of the Association is the calendar year.

    The financial statements with required documents and the Board of Directors’ report shall be submitted to the auditors no later than one month before the annual meeting. The auditors shall give their written statement to the Board of Directors no later than two weeks before the annual meeting.

    9 § Meetings of the Association
    The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in March–December on a day set by the Board of Directors.

    An extraordinary meeting shall be held, when so decided by the meeting of the Association or when the Board of Directors considers it necessary or when a minimum of one-tenth (1/10) of the members of the Association entitled to vote demand it in writing from the Board of Directors for a specifically named issue. The meeting shall be held within thirty days from the date on which the demand for holding it was presented to the Board of Directors.

    In the meetings of the Association each member has one vote.

    The decision of a meeting of the Association shall be, unless otherwise stipulated in the rules, the opinion that is supported by more than half of the votes given. If the votes are divided evenly, the vote of the chairman of the meeting shall decide, but elections shall be decided by drawing of lots if the votes are divided evenly.

    10 § Notice of meetings of the Association
    The Board of Directors shall convene the meetings of the Association no later than seven days before the meeting by a notice published in one or more national newspapers.

    To be able to exercise their voting right in the meeting, the members shall notify the Association about their participation in the meeting by the date mentioned in the notice of the meeting.

    11 § Ordinary meetings
    In the annual meeting of the Association, the following matters shall be on the agenda:

    1. opening of the meeting

    2. elect the chairman of the meeting, secretary, two examiners of the minutes and, if needed, two counters of votes

    3. declare that the meeting is legal and those present constitute a quorum

    4. approve the agenda of the meeting

    5. present financial statements, Board of Directors’ report and auditors’ statement

    6. decide on confirming the financial statements and discharging the Board of Directors and other persons responsible from liability

    7. confirm the operating plan, budget, and the amount of the membership fee for the next calendar year

    8. elect the chairman of the Board of Directors every third year and annually the other members to replace those who resign in accordance with section 6, and confirm the remuneration payable to the chairman and members of the Board of Directors

    9. elect one or two auditors and deputy auditors

    10. decide on the number of members of the Board of Directors (2–5) for the next year

    11. discuss any other issues mentioned in the notice of the meeting

    If a member of the Association wishes to have an issue discussed in the annual meeting of the Association, he/she shall inform the Board of Directors thereof in writing early enough so that the issue can be included in the notice of the meeting.

    12 § Amendment of the rules and dissolution of the Association
    A decision on amendment of the rules and dissolution of the Association shall be made in a meeting of the Association by a majority of at least three-quarters (3/4) of the votes given. The amendment of the rules or dissolution of the Association shall be mentioned in the notice of the meeting.

    If the Association is dissolved, the funds of the Association shall be used for promoting the purpose of the Association in a way determined by the meeting that decides on the dissolution. If the Association is discontinued, its funds shall be used for the same purpose.

  • If you are a combined member, your membership in the YTK Association will end automatically at the termination of the membership of General unemployment fund YTK.

    If you wish to terminate just the membership in the YTK Association, your membership in General unemployment fund YTK will continue as per normal, but you can no longer use the benefits offered by the Association.

    The membership fee of the YTK Association (18 euros) includes:

    • legal advice on employment relationships from a lawyer by telephone at the price of a regular telephone call.
    • vocational general liability insurance
    • legal expenses insurance in case of disputes concerning employment relationship (6-month membership in the Association is required)
    • leisure time accident insurance
    • membership benefits offered by partners

    ​​​​​​​You can fill out the notice of resignation here

Contact information


The YTK Association answers questions regarding membership and membership benefits. 

YTK Association 02 760 7630 

The telephone service is open Mon - Fri 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.


N.B.! If your question is regarding fund membership and unemployment benefits, please contact the General unemployment fund YTK!

Street adress

​​YTK-Yhdistys ry
Teollisuuskatu 4
​​​​​​​32200 LOIMAA

Employment advice

As a combined member you will get legal advice on employment relationships by telephone at the price of a normal phone call (local network charge/mobile phone charge). The lawyers of Opuslex network of attorneys will answer your calls on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (closed on Fridays).


OMA+ service for members of YTK Association. In the service you can view your membership fee status, update your contact information, print out a membership certificate, and find the links and codes needed for using your benefits.

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