One step closer to working life

    Join the YTK Association as a student member! You will get for free all the membership benefits of the Association which will be useful to you already while working alongside studies. 

    Student membership


    Student membership and the unemployment fund

    As a student member you will not be automatically a member of the unemployment fund. If you start a summer job or work alongside studies, you can join as a combined member of YTK. You will then be also insured in case of unemployment. You cannot join the unemployment fund, however, until you are in an employment relationship.

    Membership in an unemployment fund is worthwhile if you work from time to time at least 18 hours a week. Work done alongside studies, such as e.g. a summer job, accumulates the condition regarding employment, and consequently your right to receive earnings-related daily allowance which is higher than the basic daily allowance paid by Kela. If you fulfil the condition regarding employment during your studies, you may be entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance as soon as you graduate, if you do not find a job straight after your studies.

    Only by being a member of an unemployment fund you can receive a benefit higher than the basic daily allowance in case of unemployment. Make an example calculation on how much you would receive daily allowance if you became unemployed.

    What does student membership mean?

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