Savings and security through members’ insurance benefits

How have insurances helped our members in accident cases and how have things eventually turned out?

Read Lauri's story​​​​​​​


Thanks to a leisure-time accident insurance e.g. Markus saved a great deal of money in dental repair and Topi got his injured knee finally fixed.

Read Markus’ story!

See what happened to Topi!

The most important thing is not to have to think about “what if?”

Other experiences of leisure-time accident insurance:

“It was great that I got to treatment quickly. The service worked fine and the compensations were paid as claimed. A very useful membership benefit. Now my arm is working and everything is fine.” Anna, 48 years, member of the YTK Association since 2008

“The information and directions were easy to find on YTK’s website. Then I just forwarded the compensation claim to the insurance company. The decision arrived on time, although the accident occurred during holidays.” Topias, 35 years, member of the YTK Association since 2013

“The claims processing was very quick. I had the money on my account within a few days, although the insurance company had called me at a time when I was unable to answer.” Henri, 42 years, member of the YTK Association since 2011

“I have used the Association’s leisure-time accident insurance several times and once it even included MRI. You feel easy and carefree when you know that you are covered by insurance, also at leisure. An extremely useful extra benefit.” Mika, 49 years, member of the YTK Association since 2010

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