General liability insurance

As a combined member of the YTK, you have general liability insurance against liability for damages caused in your profession, employment or position. The insurance is available if your combined membership in the YTK has lasted at least six months at the time when the insurance event occurs.

As of 1 January 2022,  the insurance company is LocalTapiola. 

In brief

The insurance covers personal injury and property damage caused to a third party when

  •  you are liable for damages under applicable law, and
  • the damage you caused is detected during the insurance period.

NOTE! If you are an employee, your employer is always primarily liable to compensate the injured party. In this case, the insurance covers only the amount which you are liable to pay your employer.

If the damage covered by the insurance is taken to court, the insurance also covers the lawyer’s fees and legal expenses incurred in the case.

The insurance does not cover

  • financial loss that is unrelated to a personal injury or property damage
  • damage for which you are liable as an employer
  • damage to property in your possession, on loan to you or otherwise in your use, custody or care
  • damage for which you are liable solely on the basis of a contract or other commitment.

The insurance applies to damages that have occurred after 1.1.2022. Instructions for damages occured before 31.12.2021 you can find here.

Maximum compensation and deductible

The maximum compensation in liability losses is 85,000 euros, and your deductible is 400 euros.

The above is not a full description of the contents of the liability insurance. The detailed content of the insurance is described in the insurance terms and conditions.

You can find the insurance terms and conditions valid as of 1 January 2022 here.

Do as follows:

  1. Check in OMA+ that your combined membership fee has been paid.
  2. Send a free-form report of the loss or damage by email to:[email protected]

In your report, include the policyholder’s details:

Name: YTK Työelämä ry.
Business ID: 2010274-1
Email: [email protected]
​​​​​​​Phone: 02 760 7630

In your report of the loss, include at least the following facts:

  •  What happened and when
  • What is claimed and by whom, and what are the claimant’s contact details
  • What was your role in causing the loss
  • How the loss could have been prevented
  • Amount of loss, if known
  • If necessary, photos of the site of the loss or damage caused

After receiving the loss report, LocalTapiola will ask for more information to settle the claim if necessary. When all necessary information are available, LocalTapiola issues a decision on the claim. The injured party is also notified of the insurance company’s decision.

LocalTapiola’s general advisory services for members in liability losses:

Claims advisory service +358 9 453 4150
​​​​​​​email: [email protected]  

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