Legal expences insurance (until 31.12.2021)

As a member of the YTK Association, you have access to legal expenses insurance for civil and criminal cases concerning your employment relationship.

This insurance applies to accidents that have happened by 31.12.2021.

Starting 1.1.2022 the members of the YTK Association are insured by LähiTapiola's professional liability and legal protection insurance and leisure accident insurance


The insurance compensates for reasonable and necessary legal expenses incurred by legal proceedings.

Prerequisites for the insurance:

  • you have been a member of the YTK Association for at least six months at the time when the insurance event occurs,

  • if your membership has been valid for less than two years, all matters on which the civil or criminal case is based have occurred during the validity of your membership and

  • you have paid the membership fees of both the unemployment fund and the association

The insurance covers

  • civil or criminal cases concerning your employment relationship
  • legal expenses incurred by your employed legal counsel
  • any legal expenses of the opposing party that you have been ordered to pay

The insurance does not cover, for example

  • matter concerning the terms of termination of employment
  • cases related to bankruptcy or recovery proceedings
  • loss caused wilfully or through gross negligence
  • cases related to business operations, shares in a company, or membership of a company’s administrative body

Sum insured and deductible

The maximum compensation for legal expenses insurance is EUR 10,000.
If the object of the dispute can be valued financially, the insurance covers a maximum of double the value of the disputed object.

Your deductible is 15% of the coverable expenses, but no less than EUR 250.

The description above is not a full account of the content of the legal expenses insurance. The insurance is described in detail in the insurance terms and conditions.

The insurance terms and special terms and conditions of the YTK Association, valid as of 1 January 2019, can be viewed here.

How to use the lega expenses insurance

  1. Call or send a message to the YTK Association
    We will check the validity of your membership and review the general requirements for receiving compensation. 
  2. Select your legal counsel (=lawyer/attorney-at-law)
    You may choose your counsel. The counsel must be an attorney-at-law or lawyer. If you wish, you may search for a suitable counsel from the Opuslex network of attorneys, a partner of the YTK Association. The network’s lawyers are familiar with the insurance offered by the Association and are able to act according to it.
  3. If you choose to use a counsel that is not part of the Opuslex network, please refer your counsel to the Association’s website to learn about the terms of the legal expenses insurance and how to apply for compensation.
  4. Apply for compensation through your counsel
    To receive a legal expenses benefit, you must inform Pohjola Insurance in advance in writing. Your counsel will complete and file the loss report to Pohjola Insurance.
  5. Wait for the claim settlement decision 
    The insurer will give the claim settlement decision in writing to you and your counsel.

When completing the loss report, include the policy code and policyholder’s contact information below

Policy number: Login to OMA+ 
Name: YTK-Yhdistys Ry
Business ID: 2010274-1
Street address: Teollisuuskatu 4
Post code: 32200
Town/city: Loimaa
Email: [email protected]
Telephone GSM: 02 760 7630

The free-form loss report is sent to the following address:
Pohjola Insurance Ltd
Legal expenses losses
P.O. Box 330
00013 OP, Finland

or electronically to:
[email protected]

The loss report should include copies of documents related to the loss, for example, the correspondence between the parties, or the applications for a summons or other letters submitted to the court. These are required for processing the claim.

After receiving the loss report, Pohjola Insurance may request additional information before deciding on the entitlement to compensation. Once all of the necessary information is available, Pohjola Insurance will deliver a decision in writing to you and your counsel.

Pohjola Insurance general consultation service for members in cases of legal expenses losses:
Claims help desk 0303 0303, email: [email protected]

This is how our members have viewed the benefits of legal expenses insurance:

“It brings security and underlines the message that not everything can be done at the employee’s expense.” Markus, 31 years, member of YTK Association since 2011

“Good communication, clear advice and simple processes.” Katja, 29 years, member of the YTK Association since 2019 

“Quick decisions. My lawyer claimed on the legal expenses insurance on my behalf.” Taina, 56 years, member of the YTK Association since 2007 

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