Legal expenses insurance

    As a combined member in YTK, you have access to professional legal expenses insurance in the event of disputes or criminal cases related to your employment or public-service relationship. Professional legal expenses insurance is worthwhile because legal expenses insurance included in home insurance is only valid in matters related to personal life. 

    As of 1.1.2022, the legal expenses  insurance is issued by LocalTapiola.

    In brief

    The insurance covers reasonable and necessary lawyer’s fees and legal expenses arising from handling the case.

    Conditions for using the insurance:

    • Your combined membership in YTK has lasted at least six months at the time when the insurance event occurs,
    • If your combined membership has lasted for less than two years, the matters on which the dispute or criminal case is based must also have occurred while you have been a member, and
    • You have paid all membership fees

    The insurance covers

    • legal disputes and criminal cases related to your employment or public-service employment relationship
    • lawyer’s fees and legal expenses incurred by the use of your personal lawyer
    • legal costs of the adverse party which you have been ordered to pay

    The insurance does not cover, for example

    • cases that concern the terms of dismissal
    • cases related to bankruptcy or enforcement of debts
    • charges that concern intentional or aggravated offences
    • matters related business activities, partnership in a company or participation in a company’s administrative bodies

    Insurance number: 312-0945888-T

    Maximum compensation and deductible

    The maximum compensation in legal expenses losses is 10,000 euros.

    If the disputed amount can be given a monetary value, the insurance covers up to twice the disputed amount.

    Your deductible is 15 % of covered costs but no less than 250 euros.

    The above is not a full description of the contents of the legal expenses insurance. The detailed content of the insurance is described in the insurance terms and conditions.

    You can find the insurance terms and conditions valid as of 1 January 2022 here.

    Do as follows

    How to use professional legal expenses insurance

    1. Call or send a message via the OMA+ service >>

      We will check that your membership is valid and go over the general conditions for receiving compensation.
    2. Choose your legal representative (lawyer or attorney-at-law)
      You can choose your own representative. Your representative can be an attorney-at-law or lawyer who is eligible to serve as a legal counsel within the insurance’s territorial limits. You can search for suitable legal representatives in YTK Worklife’s legal partner, the Opuslex network of law firms. The network’s lawyers are familiar with the insurance provided by the association and can act accordingly.
    3. If you use a lawyer who is not part of the Opuslex network, instruct them to visit the YTK Worklife's website to read the terms of legal expenses insurance and instructions for filing the insurance claim.
    4. Claim compensation through your representative
      Claim compensation by calling LocalTapiola’s claims service or filling out the loss report from this link >>

      You can send the completed loss report by email to [email protected]. Please note that the email connection is not secure. You can also send the loss report as a message attachment in the online service. Login to the online service at

      In the loss report, include at least the following information:
      - the claim being presented
      - date of contesting the claim
      - the grounds on which the claim is based

      If the case is a criminal matter, also include a copy of the application for a summons.

      If your insurance claim is handled by a legal representative, include the representative’s power of attorney found from this link >>

      The free-form loss report can be mailed to:
      02010 LÄHITAPIOLA               
      or by email to: [email protected]

      In the loss report, we recommend including copies of documents that are relevant to the case, such as the claim being presented, when the claim was disputed and the grounds on which the claim is based. These are needed to process the insurance claim.

      After receiving the loss report, LocalTapiola will ask for more information to settle the claim if necessary. When all necessary information are available, LocalTapiola issues a written decision that will be delivered to you. If a power of attorney is used, the claim decision is also given in writing to your representative.
    5. Wait for the insurance company’s decision

      After LocalTapiola has received your loss report, you will receive a claim number and the insurance company will be in touch with you if they need additional information. LocalTapiola always issues a written decision on the claim.

    LocalTapiola’s general advisory services for members in legal expenses losses:

    Claims advisory service +358 9 453 2770 (weekdays 9–15)
    ​​​​​​​email: [email protected]

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